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Server-side rendering with create-react-app, React Router v4, Helmet, Redux, and Thunk boilerplate, without ejecting CRA

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Server-side rendering with create-react-app, React Router v4, Helmet, Redux, and Thunk boilerplate, without ejecting CRA. this boilerplate is heavily inspired by this medium article, and using under the hood React-Frontload. reach out for docs.

Client render Server render

Server-side rendering in Create React App

SSR with all the goodies, without ejecting.


  • Zero modifications to your existing CRA application
  • Create React App without ejecting
  • React 16 (fiber, baby!)
  • React Router v4 (with Thunk)
  • Full SEO support via React Helmet
  • Preloaded page data via async/await and React Frontload
  • Code splitting via React Loadable

Getting Started

Clone the repo:

git clone
cd elegant-react-ssr

Install yarn:

npm install -g yarn

Install dependencies:


Set environment (vars):

cp .env.example .env.development
cp .env.example .env.production

Run application:

# Start on SSR mode on Unix machines
yarn build:unix && yarn serve:unix
# Start on SSR mode on Windows machines
yarn build:win && yarn serve:win

# Start on CSR mode
yarn start


Server-side rendering is a requirement for many modern web applications to appear correctly in search engines and social media parsers.

Question: Have you ever created a web application with multiple pages only to find out that your meta descriptions weren't page specific?
Answer: Server-side rendering

Question: Have you ever created a web application where users had individual profile pages that required pre-loading of metadata?
Answer: Server-side rendering

Question: Have you ever created a web application with a lot of content on your page that ends up taking a long time for your users to load in poor Internet conditions?
Answer: Server-side rendering


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