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Licence: apache-2.0
[Tutorial] Asynchronous Flutter chat client with Go chat server which are powered by gRPC (simple and streaming)

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Protobuf definitions for the Liftbridge gRPC API.
Stars: ✭ 15 (-91.02%)
Mutual labels:  streaming, protobuf, grpc
Benchmark Grpc Protobuf Vs Http Json
Benchmarks comparing gRPC+Protobuf vs JSON+HTTP in Go
Stars: ✭ 106 (-36.53%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Protoc Gen Struct Transformer
Transformation functions generator for Protocol Buffers.
Stars: ✭ 105 (-37.13%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Protoeasy Go
Simpler usage of protoc. Deprecated.
Stars: ✭ 129 (-22.75%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Grpcweb Example
An example implementation of a GopherJS client and a Go server using the Improbable gRPC-Web implementation
Stars: ✭ 85 (-49.1%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Go Shopping
A sample suite of services built on the go-micro framework
Stars: ✭ 98 (-41.32%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Protoc Gen Map
SQL Data mapper framework for grpc/protobuf
Stars: ✭ 112 (-32.93%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Protoc Gen Twirp swagger
Swagger generator for twirp
Stars: ✭ 54 (-67.66%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
gRPC + protobuf using CMake example
Stars: ✭ 137 (-17.96%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Gf Cli
GoFrame Command Line Interface, which is your helpmate for building GoFrame application with convenience.
Stars: ✭ 143 (-14.37%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Grpc Cmake Example
gRPC C++ example with CMake
Stars: ✭ 142 (-14.97%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Tool for capture and parse grpc traffic
Stars: ✭ 75 (-55.09%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Grpc Rust
Rust implementation of gRPC
Stars: ✭ 1,139 (+582.04%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Orion is a small lightweight framework written around grpc/protobuf with the aim to shorten time to build microservices at Carousell.
Stars: ✭ 101 (-39.52%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
A gRPC cli interface for easy testing against gRPC servers
Stars: ✭ 1,078 (+545.51%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
transforming your .proto files into .dot files (and .svg, .png if you happen to have graphviz installed)
Stars: ✭ 107 (-35.93%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Go Grpc Example
An example of gRPC
Stars: ✭ 153 (-8.38%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Grpc Contract
A tool to generate the grpc server code for a contract
Stars: ✭ 40 (-76.05%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Ethereum contract ABI to gRPC protobuf IDL transpiler
Stars: ✭ 41 (-75.45%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
Almost Famous
🌟 Almost-Famous(成名之路) ——卡牌游戏开源项目,架构使用SpringBoot+Netty+Maven+SpringCloud来搭建多进程分布式框架,包括Cloud、Unique、Login、Game、Match、Battle 等服务。
Stars: ✭ 131 (-21.56%)
Mutual labels:  grpc, protobuf
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