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Flutter - E Commerce UI KIT ( completely free for everyone )

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Flutter E-Commerce UI KIT

A powerful Flutter E-Commerce starter template that bootstraps development of your mobile application. Flutter E-Commerce Starter is a mobile application template with lots of built-in components like sidebar, navigation, slider, cards, form elements, etc - all you need to start building your mobile app faster. Check out demo

What's inside

  • Drawer
  • Routing
  • State Managemet using Provider
  • Authentication Ready
  • Home Slider
  • Cards, List Items
  • Horizontal Card Slider
  • More than 5 Ready-to-use Pages

Getting Started

1. Clone and Install

# Clone the repo
git clone

# Navigate to clonned folder and Install dependencies
cd flutter_eCommerce_ui_kit && flutter packages get

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If you find any problems, please open an issue or submit a fix as a pull request.


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