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Licence: apache-2.0
Flutter UI with different widgets and firebase authentication email and gmail

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Axion Technologies Hnh
Hotter’n Hell Hundred is the largest one hundred mile cycling events in the United States and the world. Held in Wichita Falls, TX, this event brings thousands of registrants within the city limits, resulting in a spike in revenue throughout local businesses, restaurants, and hotels, and overall for the city of Wichita Falls. There are several sub-events within the Hotter’n Hell Hundred, such as different races, dining events, consumer shows and a medical symposium. The proposed Hotter’n Hell Hundred mobile application serves as the ultimate source of information for the events, enabling users to quickly register for events and explore local places. In addition, the mobile application allows users to navigate through race during the event, tracking their speed, nearby rest stops, alternate routes, and finish line, ensuring the best possible experience during their stay in Wichita Falls.
Stars: ✭ 155 (-38.98%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, cross-platform, mobile-development
Awesome flutter ui
This repository demonstrates use of various widgets in flutter and tricks to create beautiful UI elements in flutter for Android and IOS
Stars: ✭ 120 (-52.76%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, cross-platform, ui-design
Pet Shop is an e-commerce application for Android built with Flutter (iOS to come soon).
Stars: ✭ 127 (-50%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase, mobile-development
Awesome Flutter
An awesome list that curates the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
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Flutter Ui Designs
Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.
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Flutter Mvvm Provider Demo
Stars: ✭ 89 (-64.96%)
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Rich UI and animation flutter app backed by firebase
Stars: ✭ 121 (-52.36%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Best Flutter Ui Templates
completely free for everyone. Its build-in Flutter Dart.
Stars: ✭ 13,448 (+5194.49%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, cross-platform
Open source Flutter-based template for a business assistant application
Stars: ✭ 137 (-46.06%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Light dark toggle
An awesome flutter app which artistically animates light and dark mode 😍
Stars: ✭ 175 (-31.1%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, ui-design
Netflix clone
Netflix type clone app to learn animation and basic UI components..
Stars: ✭ 152 (-40.16%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, cross-platform
Flutter Task App
Flutter Task UI (Dribbble)
Stars: ✭ 180 (-29.13%)
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[Example APPS] Basic Flutter apps, for flutter devs.
Stars: ✭ 15,950 (+6179.53%)
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Flutter firebase starter
Flutter firebase starter project
Stars: ✭ 136 (-46.46%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
People is great app with smart UI with new look animation
Stars: ✭ 120 (-52.76%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, ui-design
Expo Native Firebase
🔥 Native Firebase Expo App (iOS, Android) Demo for Firestore, Notifications, Analytics, Storage, Messaging, Database 🚨
Stars: ✭ 197 (-22.44%)
Mutual labels:  firebase, cross-platform
Stars: ✭ 216 (-14.96%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, cross-platform
Fultter Example App
一个功能完整齐全的Bloc模式Flutter App项目。🍨更关注架构的SPA应用。,使用Node作为后台系统,使用了部分官方plugin,大体功能自己封装。🥰 有用请Star。
Stars: ✭ 248 (-2.36%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, mobile-development
Flutter todo
Yet another Todo app, now using Flutter (with ScopedModel)
Stars: ✭ 94 (-62.99%)
Mutual labels:  firebase, cross-platform
Purely native C++ cross-platform GUI framework for Android and iOS development.
Stars: ✭ 1,394 (+448.82%)
Mutual labels:  cross-platform, mobile-development


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