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Licence: GPL-3.0 license
FOnline Community Edition (r412 base)

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Build status

Platform Main branch Development branch
Linux Build Status Build Status
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  • Update dependencies
    git submodule update --init --recursive

  • Create a build directory; recommended: SDK*
    This step can be skipped if using automated build

    • Windows
      • Visual Studio 2010: cmake -G "Visual Studio 10" Path/To/Main/Directory/
      • Visual Studio 2017: cmake -G "Visual Studio 15" -T v100 Path/To/Main/Directory/
        Note that -T option informs cmake to generate solution which uses VS2010 toolchain.
        Builds using Visual Studio 2017 toolchain (without -T switch) will NOT work.

Automated build

CMake-based script is provided to fully automate building process.
cmake -P Build.cmake

Included tasks:

  • Preparing files

    • Source formatting

    • Restoring files modification time (CI only)
      This step is required for timestamps used in released files.

  • Preparing build directory/directories

    • When building on Windows, two different directories are created for two different scenarios:

      • SDK.VS2017.v100, used to work with source on modern Visual Studio version
      • SDK.VS2017, used to check if engine is ready for migration to VS2017
    • Other platforms are not supported currently

  • Building all targets

  • Preparing release package
    All files are placed in [build.dir]/FOClassic-v[version]/ and compressed to FOClassic-v[version].zip

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