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Full Reactive Stack with Spring Boot (WebFlux), MongoDB and Angular

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Full Reactive Stack Build Status

This repository contains backend and frontend projects that make use of Reactive Web patterns, as explained in the mini book Full Reactive Stack with Spring Boot 2, WebFlux, MongoDB and Angular and also in the Full Reactive Stack series of posts.

Full Reactive Stack Overview

Get the mini-book

You can get a copy of the guide on LeanPub: Full Reactive Stack with Spring Boot 2, WebFlux, MongoDB and Angular.


Spring Boot Reactive Web

A Spring Boot 2.3 application that retrieves data using Spring Reactive Web (WebFlux), instead of using the standard Web MVC framework. It connects to a MongoDB database in a reactive way too.

Check this blog post for a short version of the guide's full chapter.

Angular Reactive

A simple Angular application consumes the controller on the backend side using a reactive approach, Server-Sent Events and RxJS, so data is loaded on screen as soon as it's available.

This blog post contains a summary of the frontend's implementation.


The docker folder contains a docker-compose file that runs the Mongo database, the backend application and the Angular application. It also contains a simplified version, docker-compose-mongo-only.yml, which runs only the MongoDB instance. This is useful in case you want to run the applications without docker (e.g. from your IDE).

Running the applications with Docker

Make sure to build the applications first, from the docker folder:

docker-compose build

Then, you can run the set of containers with:

docker-compose up

After the services are executed, you can navigate to localhost:4200 to see the applications running. If you're running Docker in a different machine (like when using a VM in Windows), replace localhost for the Docker machine IP.

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