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Exercises for the Full Stack Open course.

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Blog Service
blog service @nestjs
Stars: ✭ 188 (-12.15%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Node Express Mongodb Jwt Rest Api Skeleton
This is a basic API REST skeleton written on JavaScript using async/await. Great for building a starter web API for your front-end (Android, iOS, Vue, react, angular, or anything that can consume an API). Demo of frontend in VueJS here:
Stars: ✭ 603 (+181.78%)
Mutual labels:  rest, mongodb, express
Nest Angular
NestJS, Angular 6, Server Side Rendering (Angular Universal), GraphQL, JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and Facebook/Twitter/Google Authentication, Mongoose, MongoDB, Webpack, TypeScript
Stars: ✭ 307 (+43.46%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Graphql Mongodb Server
A GraphQL MongoDB server.
Stars: ✭ 242 (+13.08%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Next Graphql Blog
🖊 A Blog including a server and a client. Server is built with Node, Express & a customized GraphQL-yoga server. Client is built with React, Next js & Apollo client.
Stars: ✭ 152 (-28.97%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Express Graphql Mongodb Boilerplate
A boilerplate for Node.js apps / GraphQL-API / Authentication from scratch - express, graphql - (graphql compose), mongodb (mongoose).
Stars: ✭ 288 (+34.58%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Crudl Example Express
CRUDL with Node/Express and MongoDB
Stars: ✭ 197 (-7.94%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, rest, express
Nodejs Restful Api
How to create a RESTful CRUD API using Nodejs?
Stars: ✭ 285 (+33.18%)
Mutual labels:  rest, mongodb, express
Boilerplate Vue Apollo Graphql Mongodb
Start your magical stack journey!
Stars: ✭ 85 (-60.28%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
A lightweight typescript annotation rest based extra (express、 mongoose、 angular、zorro、ng-alain ...).
Stars: ✭ 76 (-64.49%)
Mutual labels:  rest, mongodb, express
Api Design Node V3
[Course] API design in Node with Express v3
Stars: ✭ 459 (+114.49%)
Mutual labels:  rest, mongodb, express
🐟小度鱼 - 年轻人的交流社区
Stars: ✭ 168 (-21.5%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Rest Api Nodejs Mongodb
A boilerplate for REST API Development with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
Stars: ✭ 672 (+214.02%)
Mutual labels:  rest, mongodb, express
🍿 Open Source GraphQL API for Online Shows
Stars: ✭ 161 (-24.77%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
Intro To Graphql
[Course] Introduction to GraphQL
Stars: ✭ 175 (-18.22%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb, express
GraphQL to REST converter: automatically generate a RESTful API from your existing GraphQL API
Stars: ✭ 181 (-15.42%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, rest
Stars: ✭ 181 (-15.42%)
Mutual labels:  mongodb, express
[NOT MAINTAINED]An API integration framework using GraphQL
Stars: ✭ 182 (-14.95%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, mongodb
Storefront Api
Storefront GraphQL API Gateway. Modular architecture. ElasticSearch included. Works great with Magento1, Magento2, Spree, OpenCart, Pimcore and custom backends
Stars: ✭ 180 (-15.89%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, rest
Next React Graphql Apollo Hooks
React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript high performance boilerplate with React hooks GraphQL implementation and automatic static type generation
Stars: ✭ 186 (-13.08%)
Mutual labels:  graphql, express

Full Stack Open 2019

This course serves as an introduction to modern web application development with JavaScript. The main focus is on building single page applications with ReactJS that use REST APIs built with Node.js. The course also contains a section on GraphQL, a modern alternative to REST APIs.

Exercises done per round

Part Exercises
0 6/6
1 14/14
2 20/20
3 20/20
4 21/21
5 21/21
6 21/21
7 14/20
8 22/26
Total 161/171
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