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Penetration Testing Platform

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Fuxi 2.1 - developing

Version Python GitHub license GitHub stars Fork

Fuxi is cross-platform compatible and works in any Python 3.x environment including Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Getting Started


docker pull jeffzh3ng/fuxi
docker run -itd --name fuxi_docker -p 5000:50020 jeffzh3ng/fuxi:latest
Wait about 15 seconds for the service to start, then visit:
  • Default username: fuxi
  • Default password: whoami
  • Application restart: docker restart fuxi_docker

How to persist data

docker run -itd --name fuxi_docker -p 5000:50020 -v /your_volume/fuxi:/data jeffzh3ng/fuxi:latest

The data and logs will be saved to /your_volume/fuxi


Dependency: Linux python3.x redis mongoDB

Get the project:

git clone
cd fuxi
pip install -r requirements.txt

Creating configuration file:

cd instance/

Begin using fuxi

chmod +x
  • Default username: fuxi
  • Default password: whoami

demo_1 demo_1


API Document


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  E-Mail:   [email protected]
  WeChat:   QR Code

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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