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A collection of exercises for practicing what is taught in Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese.

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Genki Study Resources

Genki Study Resources is a website that offers a vast collection of exercises for practicing what is taught in Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese. It was mainly created to help aid with self-study, as such, you can use it online or offline depending on your needs. Choose one of the links below to begin testing the Japanese you've learned in Genki!

Online Version: 2nd Edition | 3rd Edition

Offline Version: download

Quick Links

Using the Offline Version

If you're using the offline version you'll have to unzip the files. Once you've done that, you can access all the study resources by opening any of the index.html files in the browser of your choice. It should have the same experience as the online version, however, whenever new exercises/lessons are added they will not be available; you'll have to download the latest version of the repository to get them.

If icons are broken: If you use Firefox and icons appear broken, then please see this topic to resolve the issue.

If settings will not save: If your settings will not save, such as furigana preference or dark mode, please see this topic for resolving the issue.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Genki Study Resources supports a few keyboard shortcuts which you can use to make things easier.


Shortcuts that can be used anywhere.

Shortcut Description
CTRL+ALT+D Toggle Dark Mode on/off
CTRL+ALT+M Open Settings Manager


Shortcuts that can only be used in exercises.

Shortcut Description
CTRL+ALT+LEFT Navigate to the previous exercise in the lesson
CTRL+ALT+RIGHT Navigate to the next exercise in the lesson
CTRL+ALT+R Navigate to a random exercise
CTRL+ALT+E Open/Close the Exercise List
CTRL+ALT+Q Open/Close the Quick Dictionary
CTRL+ALT+F Toggle Furigana on/off

Suggestions, Feedback, Bug Reports

If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions, or bugs to report, feel free to open a new discussion in this repository. For alternative contact methods and detailed reporting information, please see the report page for Genki Study Resources.

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Special Thanks

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The following resources were used in this project. I couldn't have done it without them, so check them out!


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