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High-level geospatial data visualization library for Python.

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geoplot: geospatial data visualization

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geoplot is a high-level Python geospatial plotting library. It's an extension to cartopy and matplotlib which makes mapping easy: like seaborn for geospatial. It comes with the following features:

  • High-level plotting API: geoplot is cartographic plotting for the 90% of use cases. All of the standard-bearermaps that you’ve probably seen in your geography textbook are easily accessible.
  • Native projection support: The most fundamental peculiarity of geospatial plotting is projection: how do you unroll a sphere onto a flat surface (a map) in an accurate way? The answer depends on what you’re trying to depict. geoplot provides these options.
  • Compatibility with matplotlib: While matplotlib is not a good fit for working with geospatial data directly, it’s a format that’s well-incorporated by other tools.

Installation is simple with conda install geoplot -c conda-forge. See the documentation for help getting started.

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