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It counts how many times your GitHub profile has been viewed. Free cloud micro-service.

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GitHub Profile Views Counter

GitHub Profile Views Counter

Discord License


Use Ÿ HŸPE service as the more robust and feature rich solution.

GHPVС project is proof of concept. This counter designed to be an analytical instrument for you, but not for people who are visiting your profile. It could be used to see profile views dynamics as result of development activity, blogging or taking part in a conference.

It counts how many times your GitHub profile has been viewed and displays them in your profile, for free.



Cloud solution launched as 100% free experience. Help me cut server costs if you like this service.

If you want to see big numbers in your profile, deploy a standalone solution to draw any views count you want without spamming our server. Everybody knows that any counters could be faked.

A billion fake profile views doesn't make you a very popular person, it makes you a person with a billion number in the counter.

Create GitHub profile repository

GitHub magic will happen as soon as you will create a new repository named equally to your username.


Live demo of my profile repository.

Add counter to GitHub profile

You need to add counter in file in your profile repository via Markdown syntax:


NOTE: Don't forget to replace example your-github-username parameter with real value.

Make it personal


You can use any valid HEX color or pick from a predefined set of named colors (blue is the default).

color demo

Named color


Hex color


NOTE: HEX colors should be used without # symbol prefix.


The following styles are available (flat is the default).

style demo


You can overwrite default Profile views text with your own label.


NOTE: Replace whitespace with + character in multi-word labels.


Can I see detailed statistics?

This project provides minimalistic counter only. Use Ÿ HŸPE service if you want to get detailed info about:

  • user profile views
  • user followers history
  • repository stars history
  • repository traffic for longer than 14 days

How to reset counter?

To reset counter you should login to the Ÿ HŸPE service and then you will be able to reset counter on the page.

Why does the counter increase every time the page is reloaded?

This is counter of profile views (page hits), not a counter of unique visitors. There is no way to get the username, browser user agent or IP address of the visitor because GitHub proxies all image URLs through the GitHub Camo service. In other words, we can only increment the counter for each request from the GitHub proxy server, we don't know who initiated it.

Are you making money on it?

No. Only spending it. Become a sponsor if you want it to keep running & receive new features.


  • Ÿ HŸPE enhanced GitHub professional account statistics & analytics


  • GitHub Profile Views Counter application is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license by Anton Komarev.
  • Eye Octicon hero image licensed under MIT license by GitHub, Inc.
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