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A sane Gulp plugin to compile Handlebars templates. Useful as a static site generator.

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A sane static Handlebars Gulp plugin. Useful as a static site generator. Powered by handlebars-wax. Think Assemble, but with a lot less Jekyll baggage.

To precompile templates into JavaScript, see gulp-handlebars.


$ npm install --save-dev gulp-hb


const gulp = require('gulp');
const hb = require('gulp-hb');

// Basic

function basic() {
    return gulp

gulp.task('basic', basic);

// Advanced

function advanced() {
    const hbStream = hb({ debug: true })
        // Partials
            boo: '{{#each boo}}{{greet}}{{/each}}',
            far: '{{#each far}}{{length}}{{/each}}'

        // Helpers
            foo: function () { ... },
            bar: function () { ... }

        // Decorators
            baz: function () { ... },
            qux: function () { ... }

        // Data
            lorem: 'dolor',
            ipsum: 'sit amet'

    return gulp

gulp.task('advanced', advanced);

Template Context

The template context is a merge of pre-registered data and file-specific data. Pre-registered data is available to all templates and is set using the .data() method. File-specific data is available to the current template and is set via the property.

@ Data Variables


The merged object of pre-registered data and file-specific data is available as the primary context of your templates. In cases where accessing this data would require the use of ../, you may access the top-level context via @root:

{{ foo }}
{{ }}

{{#each bar}}
    {{ ../foo }}
    {{ }}

In cases where file-specific data keys collide with pre-registered data keys, you may access the pre-registered data via @global:

{{ }}

In cases where pre-registered data should be ignored, you may access the file-specific data via @local.

{{ }}

In cases where information about the template file itself is needed, you may access the file object via @file:

{{ @file.path }}

File-specific Data Sources

File-specific data is set via the property using other plugins such as gulp-data, gulp-data-json, or gulp-front-matter.

const gulp = require('gulp');
const data = require('gulp-data');
const frontMatter = require('gulp-front-matter');
const hb = require('gulp-hb');

function inject() {
    return gulp

        // Load an associated JSON file per post.
        .pipe(data((file) => {
            return require(file.path.replace('.html', '.json'));

        // Parse front matter from post file.
            property: 'data.frontMatter'

        // Data for everyone.


gulp.task('inject', inject);

Multiple Data Sources

Multiple data sources can be used to render the same set of templates to different directories using through2.

const gulp = require('gulp');
const hb = require('gulp-hb');
const through = require('through2');

function i18n() {
    return gulp
        .pipe(through.obj((file, enc, cb) => {
            const locale = file.stem;
            const data = {
                locale: locale,
                i18n: JSON.parse(file.contents.toString())

                .pipe(gulp.dest('./dist/' + locale))
                .on('error', cb)
                .on('end', cb);

gulp.task('i18n', i18n);


hb([options]): TransformStream

  • options {Object} (optional) Passed directly to handlebars-wax so check there for more options.
    • bustCache {Boolean} (default: true) Force reload data, partials, helpers, and decorators.
    • cwd {String} (default: process.cwd()) Current working directory.
    • debug {Boolean|Number} (default: false or 0) Whether to log registered functions and data (true or 1) and glob parsing (2).
    • handlebars {Handlebars} (optional) A specific instance of Handlebars, if needed.
    • compileOptions {Object} Options to use when compiling templates.
    • templateOptions {Object} Options to use when rendering templates.
    • partials {String|Array.<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
    • parsePartialName {Function(options, file): String}
    • helpers {String|Array.<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
    • parseHelperName {Function(options, file): String}
    • decorators {String|Array.<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
    • parseDecoratorName {Function(options, file): String}
    • data {String|Array.<String>|Object}
    • parseDataName {Function(options, file): String}

Returns a Gulp-compatible transform stream that compiles Handlebars templates to static output.

.partials(pattern [, options]): TransformStream

  • pattern {String|Array<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
  • options {Object} Same options as hb().

Loads additional partials. See handlebars-wax.

.helpers(pattern [, options]): TransformStream

  • pattern {String|Array<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
  • options {Object} Same options as hb().

Loads additional helpers. See handlebars-wax.

.decorators(pattern [, options]): TransformStream

  • pattern {String|Array<String>|Object|Function(handlebars)}
  • options {Object} Same options as hb().

Loads additional decorators. See handlebars-wax.

.data(pattern [, options]): TransformStream

  • pattern {String|Array<String>|Object}
  • options {Object} Same options as hb().

Loads additional data. See handlebars-wax.


Standards for this project, including tests, code coverage, and semantics are enforced with a build tool. Pull requests must include passing tests with 100% code coverage and no linting errors.


$ npm test

MIT © Shannon Moeller

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