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Licence: MIT license
Hot reload development for Go

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Hot-reload Development for Go in Docker Containers

This directory contains the source code for the image dkfbasel/hot-reload-go. It will compile and start the go program linked into the container specified under directory (/app per default) and automatically recompile and reload the program when any file changes.

Please note that go modules is required for it to work.


version: '3'


        image: dkfbasel/hot-reload-go:1.17.7
            - "3001:80"
            # mount the project into the docker container. Must use go modules.
            - ..:/app
            # mount modules directory from source code or as docker volume to
            # cache go modules
            - ../_modules:/go/pkg/mod
            # directory to look for the main go entry point (default: /app)
            - DIRECTORY=/app
            # specify the command that should be run, can be 'build' or 'test'
            # 'build' is the default command 
            - CMD=build
            # arguments can be used to specify arguments to pass to the executable
            # on running
            - ARGS=-test=someString
            # ignore will indicate which files and subdirectories to ignore from 
            # watching, note that the path will be matched from the src directory
            - IGNORE=/cmd/web,*.md
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