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HMAC Based One Time Passwords in PHP. RFC4226 and RFC6238 compliant.

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HOTP - PHP Based HMAC One Time Passwords

What is HOTP: HOTP is a class that simplifies One Time Password systems for PHP Authentication. The HOTP/TOTP Algorithms have been around for a bit, so this is a straightforward class to meet the test vector requirements.

What works with HOTP/TOTP: It's been tested to the test vectors, and I've verified the time-sync hashes against the following:

  • Android: Mobile-OTP
  • iPhone: OATH Token

Why would I use this: Who wouldn't love a simple drop-in class for HMAC Based One Time Passwords? It's a great extra layer of security (creating two-factor auth) and it's pretty darn zippy.

Okay you sold me. Give me some docs:

use jakobo\HOTP\HOTP;

// event based
$result = HOTP::generateByCounter( $key, $counter );

// time based within a "window" of time
$result = HOTP::generateByTime( $key, $window );

// same as generateByTime, but for $min windows before and $max windows after
$result = HOTP::generateByTimeWindow( $key, $window, $min, $max );

with $result, you can do all sorts of neat things...




// how many digits in your OTP?
$result->toHotp( $length );
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