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Licence: mit
A Go implementation of ICE

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A Go implementation of STUN
Stars: ✭ 141 (+23.68%)
Mutual labels:  networking, webrtc, peer-to-peer, ice
A pure Rust implementation of WebRTC API
Stars: ✭ 922 (+708.77%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, ice
Practice project to demonstrate p2p file sharing.
Stars: ✭ 16 (-85.96%)
Mutual labels:  networking, peer-to-peer
QuantumGate is a peer-to-peer (P2P) communications protocol, library and API written in C++.
Stars: ✭ 62 (-45.61%)
Mutual labels:  networking, peer-to-peer
Direct file transfer over WebRTC
Stars: ✭ 598 (+424.56%)
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Uproxy P2p
Internet without borders
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P2P Node Servers in the Browser
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ZeroTier Sockets - Put a network stack in your app
Stars: ✭ 486 (+326.32%)
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Laplace is an open-source project to enable screen sharing directly via browser. Based on WebRTC for low latency peer-to-peer connections, and WebSocket implemented in golang for signaling.
Stars: ✭ 81 (-28.95%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
Laverna is a JavaScript note taking application with Markdown editor and encryption support. Consider it like open source alternative to Evernote.
Stars: ✭ 8,770 (+7592.98%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
Netsix allows you to share videos with your friends in a real peer-to-peer manner using WebRTC.
Stars: ✭ 113 (-0.88%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
Reliable & unreliable messages over UDP. Robust message fragmentation & reassembly. P2P networking / NAT traversal. Encryption.
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Mutual labels:  networking, peer-to-peer
a cross-platform networking library that works in the browser
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A Smart Ethernet Switch for Earth
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Easy P2P file transfer powered by WebRTC - inspired by Apple AirDrop
Stars: ✭ 5,222 (+4480.7%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
Peer Calls
Group peer to peer video calls for everyone written in Go and TypeScript
Stars: ✭ 837 (+634.21%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
Rn Voice Video Call
Usage of WebRTC for voice & video call with peer-to-peer or conference with Login and Register screen using response & Async storage with Call Dis/Connect, Failed and Idle views in react native. Youtube:
Stars: ✭ 100 (-12.28%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer
A WebRTC, SIP and VoIP library for C# and .NET Core. Designed for real-time communications apps.
Stars: ✭ 449 (+293.86%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, ice
Pure-Go library for cross-platform local peer discovery using UDP multicast 👩 🔁 👩
Stars: ✭ 476 (+317.54%)
Mutual labels:  networking, peer-to-peer
Peer-to-peer group video chat using WebRTC, Python, and Javascript
Stars: ✭ 75 (-34.21%)
Mutual labels:  webrtc, peer-to-peer

Pion ICE

A Go implementation of ICE

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The library is used as a part of our WebRTC implementation. Please refer to that roadmap to track our major milestones.


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