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SQL client and admin tool for popular databases

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SmartSql = MyBatis in C# + .NET Core+ Cache(Memory | Redis) + R/W Splitting + PropertyChangedTrack +Dynamic Repository + InvokeSync + Diagnostics
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ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES5). Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Hana, WebSQL databases. Works in NodeJS, Browser, Ionic, Cordova and Electron platforms.
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基于EF Core的Code First模式的DotNetCore快速开发框架,其中包括DBContext、IOC组件autofac和AspectCore.Injector、代码生成器(也支持DB First)、基于AspectCore的memcache和Redis缓存组件,以及基于ICanPay的支付库和一些日常用的方法和扩展,比如批量插入、更新、删除以及触发器支持,当然还有demo。欢迎提交各种建议、意见和pr~
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Ebean ORM
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Database migration tool for .NET and .NET Core projects. Inspired by Flyway.
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jOOQ is the best way to write SQL in Java
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Free universal database tool and SQL client
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Linq to database provider.
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Symmetric Ds
SymmetricDS is a database and file synchronization solution that is platform-independent, web-enabled, and database agnostic. SymmetricDS was built to make data replication across two to tens of thousands of databases and file systems fast, easy and resilient. We specialize in near real time, bi-directional data replication across large node networks over the WAN or LAN.
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Go Sqlbuilder
A flexible and powerful SQL string builder library plus a zero-config ORM.
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Dibi - smart database abstraction layer
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Beekeeper Studio
Modern and easy to use SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more. Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
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Fast, Simple, Typed ORM for .NET
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Open-Source Data Platform 🐰 — Directus wraps any SQL database with a real-time GraphQL+REST API and an intuitive app for non-technical users.
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Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScript | PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite & MongoDB (Preview)
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A friendly and lightweight C++ database library for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ODBC.
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The CSV to database command line loader
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Command line tool to generate idiomatic Go code for SQL databases supporting PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server
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JSqlParser parses an SQL statement and translate it into a hierarchy of Java classes. The generated hierarchy can be navigated using the Visitor Pattern
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Eosio sql plugin
EOSIO sql database plugin
Stars: ✭ 21 (-83.46%)
Mutual labels:  oracle, sql, mysql, postgresql, sqlite

Kangaroo Official website 中文官网

SQL client and admin tool for popular databases(SQLite / MySQL / PostgreSQL / ...) on Windows / MacOS / Linux.

Support database

Database support capability level: Planned / Partial / Full(💯)

Database Version Query Editing Designer Export Import Hint Modeling DB Sync
SQLite 3.0 + Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 in progress Planned
MySQL 5.5 + Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 in progress Planned
MariaDB 10.0 + Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 in progress Planned
PostgreSQL 9.0 + Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 Full💯 in progress Planned
Redis Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned Planned
SQL Server

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Development version will be released weekly, Stable and LTS(Long-term Support) version depend on test result and stabilization.

Platform Windows(64 bit) Linux(64 bit) MacOS(64 bit)
Stable Kangaroo 2020(Beta 6) Kangaroo 2020(Beta 6) Kangaroo 2020(Beta 6)
Development Kangaroo 2021(Preview 3) Kangaroo 2021(Preview 3) Kangaroo 2021(Preview 3)

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