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Licence: mit
Lumen on Docker - Skeleton project with Nginx, MySQL & PHP 7 | Aws ECS, Google Kubernates, Azure Container Engine

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Docker infrastructure for Lumen


Microservice Lumen is a starting skeleton based on Docker and Lumen Framework. This project helps to develop and maintain a simple and clean infrastructure for the management / creation of php microservices. In just a few steps, the developer starts the development / staging / production environment as needed. Basically, the Nginx containers are available for the webserver, the backend container in PHP 7.4 for the application, both based on Linux alpine. Include MySQL container by default. The Dockefile (in the docker folder) is already set up to create the production image of the application, we recommend modifying it only to add dependencies or configurations.

Develop env

La prima volta che viene eseguito il setup saranno chiesti in input dei dati (nome app, verisone larvel ed altro), questo genererà un file env.conf e un .env (che è la copia esetta), il primo dovrete versionarlo il secondo sarà escluso. Inoltre verrà scaricato il codice sorgente laravel/lumen, anche'esso dovrà essere versionato. Nel caso il vostro progetto sia stato già inizializzato, chi andrà a scaricarlo dovrà eseguire comunque sia il primo passo indicato in 'setup and run'.

- require

OS: linux
Packages: make
Docker version: >= 18.09.6
docker-compose version: >= 1.28.0

- setup and run

1.  make setup

2.  [not required] Set .env db connection into lumen/ dir:

- make commands

down:  down containers

up:   up -d containers

exec:  enter in app container

exec_mysql:  enter in mysql container

ssh_root:  connection ssh (as root) to server

ssh:  connection ssh (as www-data) to server

deploy: rebuild containers (down, build and up)

## production ##

image_build:  build immagine

image_push: publish image

Manual push into docker hub registry


Nginx: 1.18

PHP: 7.4-fpm-alpine

MySQL: 8.0

Lumen Framework: delfault master (or specific version)


This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

Note that the project description data, including the texts, logos, images, and/or trademarks, for each open source project belongs to its rightful owner. If you wish to add or remove any projects, please contact us at [email protected].