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A lightweight encryption tool designed for ease of use.

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Lyra is a lightweight and fast encryption tool that makes protecting your sensitive files easy.


  • Simple command line encryption and decryption.
    • Encrypting is as easy as entering: lyra encrypt file and to decrypting is just as simple: lyra decrypt file
  • No need to worry about complex cipher options and configurations.
    • Lyra uses a single strong time tested cipher to protect your data. Your data is encrypted with AES-256-GCM which simultaneously provides data confidentiality, authenticity and integrity (see authenticated encryption).
    • Values that need to be unique and random (ex: salt) are generated via a cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator.
  • Strong GPU and ASIC resistant KDF being used to protect your passphrase.
    • Lyra uses argon2 to make dictionary attacks and brute force guessing even harder.
  • Generate strong memorable passphrases via the diceware method.

Requirements (if building from source)

  • Go 1.9 and above
  • Go Dep for dependency management.


  • gware for diceware passphrase generation.
  • for argon2 and passphrase terminal.
  • memguard for handling keys and plaintext secrurely in memory.



  • Signed binaries available for windows, linux and macOs available here.
  • Simply mv the binary to your $PATH

Installation from source

  • You can alternatively install lyra using:
    • go get -d
    • cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/ && make install

Installation from Brew

  • Lyra can also be installed via brew:
    • brew install azohra/tools/lyra


Lyra is a lightweight tool used to protect sensitive data

Usage: lyra [Command]


	encrypt		Encipher a specified file with inputed passphrase
	decrypt		Decipher a specified file with inputed passphrase
	generate	Generate passphrase(s)
To get more info on commands do: lyra [Command] --help


Binaries and tags are all signed. The signing key used can be found by searching keyid 5604E4DC6DC74D9B.

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