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Licence: apache-2.0
A lightweight Material Design library for Angular based on Google's Material Components for the Web.

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Blox Material makes it possible to create beautiful Angular apps with modular and customizable UI components, designed according to the Material Design Guidelines. It integrates Material Components for the Web (a Google project) with the Angular framework.

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Roadmap for 2.0.0

  • Upgrade to material-components-web 9.0.0
  • Implement new components: banner, circular-progress, data-table, segmented-button, tooltip, and touch-target
  • Add angular schematics support to help with installation
  • Add component alternatives to directives with complex structure
  • Add autocomplete input component

Building from source

If you want to code on the library itself, or build it from source for other reasons, here are some tips:

  • Please run an npm install in the root directory first. The root directory contains git hooks and scripts for releasing/publishing new versions.
  • The library code is in the directory bundle. You need to run npm install there, before e.g. building (npm run build) or testing (npm run test) the material library.
  • The demo and documentation website is in the site directory. Before building, the site, you must have built the material bundle first.
  • Check the package.json files for other commands that can be used to build, debug, test, release, or publish the library.
  • Publishing a new bundle is handled by Github Actions. The commands for publishing/releasing a new version are in the root package.json. These commands create the appropriate tags and changes that are picked up by a Github Action build to do an actual publish/deploy/distribution of a new version of the library.
  • Please use commit messages according to the Angular Commit Message Guidelines.
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