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A MERN stack e-commerce website.

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No description or website provided.
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pothole detection
By using this app users can report the potholes on road by clicking a photo via our app and if a pothole is detected by Machine Learning modal then it is saved to our Database from where officials can view the specifics like location,reported by and official can resolve the request.User are notified by email for every update regarding their request
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Neccessary features needed for your mern Application are now available.
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L&S Kids Clothing Store(MERN)

Hey, 🖐 This is my MERN stack E-Commerce Website aiming to sell my kiddos clothes. Of course, selling is not the point. Honing my coding skill is the primary reason.

The stack: MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js. Redux for the global state management.

Here is the deomo. 👉

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