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Licence: apache-2.0
NGINX plugin for OpenTracing

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Enable requests served by nginx for distributed tracing via The OpenTracing Project.



For linux-x86_64, pre-compiled binaries are provided for the supported versions of NGINX. These can be dropped into existing NGINX installations provided that NGINX was compiled with the --with-compat option. See example/trivial/ubuntu-x86_64 for an example of how to set it up.

Otherwise, nginx-opentracing can be used from the Docker image or built from source.

Getting Started

First, write a configuration for the tracer used. Below's an example of what a Jaeger configuration might look like:


  "service_name": "nginx",
  "sampler": {
    "type": "const",
    "param": 1
  "reporter": {
    "localAgentHostPort": "jaeger:6831"
  "headers": {
    "jaegerDebugHeader": "jaeger-debug-id",
    "jaegerBaggageHeader": "jaeger-baggage",
    "traceBaggageHeaderPrefix": "uberctx-"
  "baggage_restrictions": {
    "denyBaggageOnInitializationFailure": false,
    "hostPort": ""

See the vendor documentation for details on what options are available.

You can then set up NGINX for distributed tracing by adding the following to nginx.conf:

# Load the OpenTracing dynamic module.
load_module modules/;

http {
  # Load a vendor tracer
  opentracing_load_tracer /usr/local/lib/ /etc/jaeger-nginx-config.json;

  # or
  #   opentracing_load_tracer /usr/local/lib/ /path/to/config;
  # or
  #   opentracing_load_tracer /usr/local/lib/ /path/to/config;
  # or
  #   opentracing_load_tracer /usr/local/lib/ /path/to/config;

  # Enable tracing for all requests.
  opentracing on;

  # Optionally, set additional tags.
  opentracing_tag http_user_agent $http_user_agent;

  upstream backend {
    server app-service:9001;

  location ~ {
    # The operation name used for spans defaults to the name of the location
    # block, but you can use this directive to customize it.
    opentracing_operation_name $uri;

    # Propagate the active span context upstream, so that the trace can be
    # continued by the backend.
    # See

    proxy_pass http://backend;

See Tutorial for a more complete example, Reference for a list of available OpenTracing-related directives.


A docker image opentracing/nginx-opentracing is provided to support using nginx with OpenTracing in a manner analogous to the nginx Docker image. See here for examples of how to use it.

Additionally, custom images can be built by running

docker build \
       -t opentracing-contrib/nginx-opentracing:latest \

and arguments to tweak the versions used can be provided with

docker build \
       -t opentracing-contrib/nginx-opentracing:latest \
       --build-arg OPENTRACING_CPP_VERSION=master \

Other build arguments


Building From Source

$ tar zxvf nginx-1.9.x.tar.gz
$ cd nginx-1.9.x
$ ./configure --add-dynamic-module=/absolute/path/to/nginx-opentracing/opentracing
$ make && sudo make install

You will also need to install a C++ tracer for either Jaeger, LightStep, Datadog, or Zipkin. For linux x86-64, portable binary plugins are available:

# Jaeger
wget -O /usr/local/lib/

# LightStep
wget -O - | gunzip -c > /usr/local/lib/

# Zipkin
wget -O - | gunzip -c > /usr/local/lib/

# Datadog
wget -O - | gunzip -c > /usr/local/lib/

Make sure the nginx module for opentracing and a tracer plugin were built against the same version of C++ OpenTracing Library. By default Opentracing v1.6.0 is used.


Run tests on local machine requires pyenv and tested against version 3.8.5.

$ make test
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