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Nginx Module Sysguard
Nginx sysguard module
Stars: ✭ 568 (+36.54%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Nginx Builder
A tool to build deb or rpm package of required Nginx version from the source code, with the ability to connect third-party modules. Nginx parameters are set in the yaml configuration file.
Stars: ✭ 123 (-70.43%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Nginx Nonewlines
This is an nginx module to strip the served HTML of all newlines (\n and \r characters)
Stars: ✭ 17 (-95.91%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Testcookie Nginx Module
simple robot mitigation module using cookie based challenge/response technique. Not supported any more.
Stars: ✭ 447 (+7.45%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Nginx Module Vts
Nginx virtual host traffic status module
Stars: ✭ 2,518 (+505.29%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Ngx dynamic limit req module
The ngx_dynamic_limit_req_module module is used to dynamically lock IP and release it periodically.
Stars: ✭ 57 (-86.3%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Zstd Nginx Module
Nginx modules for the Zstandard compression
Stars: ✭ 64 (-84.62%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Ngx healthcheck module
nginx module for upstream servers health check. support stream and http upstream. 该模块可以为Nginx提供主动式后端服务器健康检查的功能(同时支持四层和七层后端服务器的健康检测)
Stars: ✭ 145 (-65.14%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Nginx Http Echo Module
A simple Nginx echo module
Stars: ✭ 192 (-53.85%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Mod zip
Streaming ZIP archiver for nginx 📦
Stars: ✭ 178 (-57.21%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Ngx php7
ngx_php7 - Embedded php7 scripting language for nginx module. Mainline development version of the ngx_php.
Stars: ✭ 337 (-18.99%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Ngx php
ngx_php - Embedded php scripting language for nginx module. All released versions of the code repository.
Stars: ✭ 290 (-30.29%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Nginx Opentracing
NGINX plugin for OpenTracing
Stars: ✭ 341 (-18.03%)
Mutual labels:  nginx, nginx-module
Full Stack Notes
Stars: ✭ 366 (-12.02%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
Stars: ✭ 385 (-7.45%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
Simple lightweight temporary file hosting.
Stars: ✭ 359 (-13.7%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
A beautiful Nginx PHP Mysql environment for windows( windows下用WPF制作的nginx,php,mysql集成环境(免安装))
Stars: ✭ 358 (-13.94%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
Ngx aws auth
nginx module to proxy to authenticated AWS services
Stars: ✭ 397 (-4.57%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
Discontinued. Fork at your will.
Stars: ✭ 384 (-7.69%)
Mutual labels:  nginx
NGINX load balancer configurator
Stars: ✭ 356 (-14.42%)
Mutual labels:  nginx





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