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Licence: gpl-3.0
SMBExec implementation in Nim - SMBv2 using NTLM Authentication with Pass-The-Hash technique

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SMBExec implementation in Nim - SMBv2 using NTLM Authentication with Pass-The-Hash technique


nimble install SMBExec


import SMBExec


Create SMB object, connect to target and execute a command under specified service name:

let hash = toNTLMHash("SecretPassword") # Returns NTLMHash => e.g 47bf8039a8506cd67c524a03ff84ba4e

var smb = newSMB2("IP Address/Hostname", "Domain", "Username", "Password Hash", "ServiceName (Optional)") # Creates SMB object

let response = smb.connect() # Connect and authenticate to the target via SMB

smb.exec("cmd command", response) # Response from the negotiation

smb.close() # Close socket


Only supports SMBv2 Authentication


Powershell: Invoke-SMBExec -

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