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iOS, watchOS, & macOS One-Time Password client

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One-Time Password (OTP) iOS client


  • Add Software Two Factor Tokens using:

    • QR scanner in-app

    • Open otpauth URL

    • QR codes in saved images

    • Drag-and-drop QR code into app

    • Manually enter generator configuration

  • Store tokens in iCloud Keychain

  • Copy current factor code

  • Edit the name of the issuer and account of tokens

  • Search tokens by issuer, account, or comment content

  • Supports tokens of:

    • 1 to 10 digits

      • The limitation of 10 digits is due to Section 5.3 of the HOTP specification. The largest value described is "2^{31}-1" (2147483647) which is 10 digits.
    • SHA1, MD5, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and SHA224 hashing algorithms

    • Time based factor with any time step/period

    • Counter based factor


RFC4226 (HOTP)

RFC6238 (TOTP)

mattrubin/OneTimePassword (Swift OTP library)

google/google-authenticator (Google OTP client)



iOS - Home iOS - Context menu


watchOS - TOTP watchOS - HOTP watchOS - Refresh


macOS - Context menu


Screenshots Folder

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