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One Time Password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Node.js, Deno and browsers.

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πŸ”‘ One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator
Stars: ✭ 916 (+578.52%)
Mutual labels:  otp, two-factor-authentication, authenticator, hotp, two-factor, browser
**NOT MAINTAINED** Two-factor authentication for Node.js. One-time passcode generator (HOTP/TOTP) with support for Google Authenticator.
Stars: ✭ 2,531 (+1774.81%)
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A Web app to manage your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) accounts and generate their security codes
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πŸ“± Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) client for Android + Wear OS
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HMAC-based (HOTP) and Time-based (TOTP) One-Time Password manager. Works with Google Authenticator for Two-Factor Authentication.
Stars: ✭ 79 (-41.48%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, hotp, two-factor-authentication
A free, secure and open source app for Android to manage your 2-step verification tokens.
Stars: ✭ 2,692 (+1894.07%)
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Twofactor totp
πŸ”‘ Second factor TOTP (RFC 6238) provider for Nextcloud
Stars: ✭ 203 (+50.37%)
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Go Guardian
Go-Guardian is a golang library that provides a simple, clean, and idiomatic way to create powerful modern API and web authentication.
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Time-Based One-Time Password Code Generator
Stars: ✭ 76 (-43.7%)
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πŸ”‘ A small library for generating TOTP and HOTP one-time passwords on iOS.
Stars: ✭ 243 (+80%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication, hotp
Open source two-factor authentication for Android
Stars: ✭ 3,326 (+2363.7%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication, hotp
A small and easy-to-use one-time password generator library for Java according to RFC 4226 (HOTP) and RFC 6238 (TOTP).
Stars: ✭ 107 (-20.74%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, hotp, two-factor-authentication
Enhanced fork of FreeOTP-Android providing a feature-rich 2FA authenticator
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CrOTP - One Time Passwords for Crystal
Stars: ✭ 62 (-54.07%)
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apache 2fa
Apache two-factor (2FA) authentication with Google Authenticator based on Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) or HMAC-based one-time password (HOTP) Algorithms.
Stars: ✭ 63 (-53.33%)
Mutual labels:  two-factor, totp, hotp, two-factor-authentication
πŸ” A PHP library for generating one time passwords according to RFC 4226 (HOTP) and the RFC 6238 (TOTP)
Stars: ✭ 857 (+534.81%)
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HMAC Based One Time Passwords in PHP. RFC4226 and RFC6238 compliant.
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multiOTP Credential Provider is a V2 Credential Provider for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/2012(R2)/2016 with options like RDP only and UPN name support
Stars: ✭ 121 (-10.37%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, hotp
πŸ” multi factor authentication system (2FA, MFA, OTP Server)
Stars: ✭ 1,027 (+660.74%)
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React Native wrapper for Android's SMS User Consent API, ready to use in React Native apps with minimum effort.
Stars: ✭ 45 (-66.67%)
Mutual labels:  otp, two-factor, auth

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One Time Password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Node.js, Deno and browsers.



import * as OTPAuth from 'otpauth';

// Create a new TOTP object.
let totp = new OTPAuth.TOTP({
	issuer: 'ACME',
	label: 'AzureDiamond',
	algorithm: 'SHA1',
	digits: 6,
	period: 30,
	secret: 'NB2W45DFOIZA' // or "OTPAuth.Secret.fromB32('NB2W45DFOIZA')"

// Generate a token.
let token = totp.generate();

// Validate a token.
let delta = totp.validate({
	token: token,
	window: 1

// Convert to Google Authenticator key URI.
//   otpauth://totp/ACME:AzureDiamond?issuer=ACME&secret=NB2W45DFOIZA&algorithm=SHA1&digits=6&period=30
let uri = totp.toString(); // or "OTPAuth.URI.stringify(totp)"

// Convert from Google Authenticator key URI.
let parsedTotp = OTPAuth.URI.parse(uri);


// @deno-types=""
import * as OTPAuth from ''

// Same as above...


<script src=""></script>
	// Same as above...


See the documentation page.

Supported hashing algorithms

In Node.js, the same algorithms as Crypto.createHmac function are supported, since it is used internally. In Deno and browsers, the SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 algorithms are supported by using the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library.


MIT License Β© HΓ©ctor Molinero FernΓ‘ndez.

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