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πŸ“Έ Your memories under your control

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πŸ–Ό Simple file viewer with slideshow for media
Stars: ✭ 68 (-56.69%)
Mutual labels:  photos, nextcloud, media, photo-gallery
Chevereto Free
Self-hosted Image Hosting solution. Start your own Flickr/imgur alternative with your own rules.
Stars: ✭ 2,275 (+1349.04%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery, photo-gallery
Manage local photos on Android: gallery, geotag with photomap, privacy, tags, find, sort, view, copy, send, ... .
Stars: ✭ 164 (+4.46%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery, photo-gallery
🌍🌏🌎 The whole world fits inside your cloud!
Stars: ✭ 253 (+61.15%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, nextcloud, photos
The KIImagePager is inspired by foursquare's ImageSlideshow, the user may scroll through images loaded from the Web
Stars: ✭ 324 (+106.37%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, slideshow, gallery
React Grid Gallery
Justified image gallery component for React
Stars: ✭ 571 (+263.69%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery, photo-gallery
Nextcloud app that implement a basic facial recognition system.
Stars: ✭ 226 (+43.95%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, nextcloud, photos
Dead simple solution to add a photo gallery to a Jekyll site.
Stars: ✭ 47 (-70.06%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery, photo-gallery
Nativescript photo gallery app for Nextcloud
Stars: ✭ 34 (-78.34%)
Mutual labels:  photos, nextcloud, photo-gallery
πŸ“Έ Instagram-like image picker for Android (δΈ€ζ¬Ύ UI η‚«ι…·ι«˜δ»Ώ Instagram ηš„ε›Ύη‰‡γ€θ§†ι’‘ι€‰ζ‹©ε™¨)
Stars: ✭ 409 (+160.51%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery, photo-gallery
A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system you can run on your server, to manage and share photos.
Stars: ✭ 816 (+419.75%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, photos, gallery
⚑️ Activity app for Nextcloud
Stars: ✭ 67 (-57.32%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, nextcloud
Github Pages Gallery
A zero dollar solution to host your photo/video gallery online using Github pages and GitHub Actions. No coding necessary.
Stars: ✭ 77 (-50.96%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery
Photo view
πŸ“Έ Easy to use yet very customizable zoomable image widget for Flutter, Photo View provides a gesture sensitive zoomable widget. Photo View is largely used to show interacive images and other stuff such as SVG.
Stars: ✭ 1,280 (+715.29%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery
Plyr React
A simple, accessible and customisable react media player for Video, Audio, YouTube and Vimeo
Stars: ✭ 89 (-43.31%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, media
Oblecto is a media server, which streams media you already own, and is designed to be at the heart of your entertainment experience. It runs on your home server to index and analyze your media such as Movies and TV Shows and presents them in an interface tailored for your media consupmtion needs.
Stars: ✭ 67 (-57.32%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, media
Nextcloud Vue
🍱 Vue.js components for Nextcloud app development ✌
Stars: ✭ 89 (-43.31%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, nextcloud
[mirror] Install and manage self-hosted services/applications, on your own server(s) - ansible collection and utilities
Stars: ✭ 89 (-43.31%)
Mutual labels:  nextcloud, media
Laravel Filemanager Example 5.3
Demo integration for laravel-filemanager (
Stars: ✭ 100 (-36.31%)
Mutual labels:  media, gallery
React Native Photo Gallery
Simple, yet powerful image gallery for React Native. Features zoom and pagination ! πŸ–Ό
Stars: ✭ 105 (-33.12%)
Mutual labels:  photos, gallery

Nextcloud Photos

πŸ“Έ Your memories under your control

Work in progress screenshot of Nextcloud Photos App

Why is this so awesome?

  • πŸ“Έ Beautiful Photo and Video Timeline
  • ⭐ Favorites and Tagging: Favorite and tag your photos!
  • Slideshow and easy sharing: Show slideshows and share your photos or albums easy
  • Albums: Create albums from your contents

πŸš€ Installation

In your Nextcloud, simply enable the Photos app through the Apps management. The Nextcloud Photos app is only included in nextcloud v18 and higher.

Consider installing the preview generator for pre-generating thumbnails.

Mobile Photos

Use the Android/iOS App to view your photos. It's possible to auto-upload them.


If you'd like to join, just go through the issues list and fix some!

πŸ— Development setup

  1. ☁ Clone this into your apps folder of your Nextcloud.
  2. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» In a terminal, run the command make dev-setup to install the dependencies.
  3. πŸ— Then to build the Javascript whenever you make changes, run make build-js. To create a pull request use make build-js-production. Watch changes with: make watch-js.
  4. βœ… Enable the app through the app management of your Nextcloud.
  5. πŸŽ‰ Partytime!
  6. πŸ’» Fix easily linting issues with npm run lint:fix.
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