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PostgreSQL ➕ REST, low-code, simplify and accelerate development, ⚡ instant, realtime, high-performance on any Postgres application, existing or new

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🐘 Run PostgreSQL in Kubernetes
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Mutual labels:  database, postgresql, postgres


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pREST (PostgreSQL REST), simplify and accelerate development, instant, realtime, high-performance on any Postgres application, existing or new

PostgreSQL version 9.4 or higher

CLA assistant

pREST - instant, realtime, high-performance on PostgreSQL | Product Hunt


There is PostgREST written in Haskell, but keeping Haskell software in production is not an easy job. With this need pREST was born. Read more.

Test using Docker

To simplify the process of bringing up the test environment we will use docker-compose

# Download docker compose file
wget -O docker-compose.yml

# Up (run) PostgreSQL and prestd
docker-compose up
# Run data migration to create user structure for access (JWT)
docker-compose exec prest prestd migrate up auth

# Create user and password for API access (via JWT)
## user: prest
## pass: prest
docker-compose exec postgres psql -d prest -U prest -c "INSERT INTO prest_users (name, username, password) VALUES ('pREST Full Name', 'prest', MD5('prest'))"
# Check if the user was created successfully (by doing a select on the table)
docker-compose exec postgres psql -d prest -U prest -c "select * from prest_users"

# Generate JWT Token with user and password created
curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"username": "prest", "password": "prest"}'
# Access endpoint using JWT Token
curl -i -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer {TOKEN}"

Want to contribute to the project and don't know where to start? See our contribution guide here.

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