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Licence: apache-2.0
A tool to install, configure and manage Presto installations

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presto-admin installs, configures, and manages Presto installations.

Comprehensive documentation can be found here.


  1. Python 2.6 or 2.7
  2. Docker. (Only required for development, if you want to run the system tests)
    • If you DO NOT have Docker already installed, you can run the script in the bin directory of this project. That script has only been tested on Ubuntu 14.04.

    • If you have Docker already installed, you need to make sure that your user has been added to the docker group. This will enable you to run commands without sudo, which is a requirement for some of the unit tests. To enable sudoless docker access run the following:

        $ sudo groupadd docker
        $ sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker
        $ sudo service docker restart

      If the user you added to the docker group is the same one you're logged in as, you will need to log out and back in so that the changes can take effect.


Presto-admin makes use of make as its build tool. make in turn calls out to various utilities (e.g. tox, flake8, sphinx-apidoc, python) in order to perform the requested actions.

In order to get started with presto-admin,

  1. Fork the presto-admin repo on GitHub,

  2. Clone your fork locally ::

     $ git clone [email protected]:your_name_here/presto-admin.git
  3. Install your local copy into a virtualenv. Assuming you have virtualenvwrapper installed, this is how you set up your fork for local development ::

     $ mkvirtualenv prestoadmin
     $ cd prestoadmin/
     $ python develop
  4. Create a branch for local development ::

     $ git checkout -b name-of-your-bugfix-or-feature

    Now you can make your changes locally.

  5. When you're done making changes, check that your changes pass make clean lint test, which runs flake8 and the unit tests (which test both Python 2.6 and 2.7). To run the product tests tests (make test-all), you need docker installed. You may also need to run pip install wheel in your virtualenv. To install and start docker use ::

     $ wget -qO- | sh
     # Add current user to Docker group to run without sudo
     $ sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker
     $ sudo service docker restart

Building the installer

The two tasks used to build the presto-admin installer are dist and dist-offline. The dist task builds an installer that requires internet connectivity during installation. The dist-offline task builds an installer that does not require internet connectivity during installation. Instead the offline installer downloads all dependencies at build time and points pip to those dependencies during installation.


Free software: Apache License Version 2.0 (APLv2).

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