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An initial implementation of a "showcase" view( controller) for iOS apps... Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully! (by @pittleorg) [meta: image, photo, video, document, pdf, album, gallery, showcase, gallery, iOS, iPhone, iPad, component, library, viewer]

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How To Get

1. Install dependencies: PTImageAlbumViewController and Nimbus

If your project uses CocoaPods to manage its dependencies, easiest way to install Nimbus is to add the following in your Podfile:

pod 'Nimbus/NetworkImage', :podspec => ''

2. Copy PTShowcaseViewController directory into your own project

Instead of manually downloading files, you could use git submodules:

git submodule add

3. #import headers

#import <Nimbus/NimbusCore.h>
#import <Nimbus/NimbusPhotos.h>
#import <Nimbus/NimbusNetworkImage.h>

4. Build & run

If you have trouble, check out Showcase project in Examples directory for a working example.


ℹ️ Please note: screenshots below are outdated. On devices that run iOS 7 navigationbars and toolbars are actually "flat" and translucent as you would expect.

Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 1. Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 2.

Screenshot 2. Screenshot 2.

Screenshot 3.

Screenshot 3. Screenshot 3.

Screenshot 4.

Screenshot 4. Screenshot 4.

Screenshot 5.

Screenshot 5. Screenshot 5.

Screenshot 6.

Screenshot 6. Screenshot 6.

Screenshot 7.

Screenshot 7. Screenshot 7.

Screenshot 8.

Screenshot 8. Screenshot 8.

Screenshot 9.

Screenshot 9. Screenshot 9.

Screenshot 10.

Screenshot 10. Screenshot 10.

How To Contribute

This project uses CocoaPods to manage dependencies. Installing it is as easy as running the following commands in the terminal:

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

If you have any trouble during the installation, please read CocoaPods documentation.

When you've installed CocoaPods, then:

$ git clone PTShowcaseViewController-exalted
$ cd PTShowcaseViewController-exalted/Examples/ShowcaseDemo/
$ pod install
$ open ShowcaseDemo.xcworkspace
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