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UnQLite binding for Pharo Smalltalk

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UnQLite binding for Pharo Smalltalk. UnQLite is a fast, lightweight, portable, embedded KVS with a simple scripting engine (Jx9). By using PunQLite, you can store/load lots of data as if just using a normal Dictionary.


  • binary
  • pre-built shared libraries (unqlite.dll, dylib, so, etc)
  • repository
  • Cypress style Smalltalk source tree

For MCZ packages, visit SmalltalkHub PunQLite site.


  • Compile UnQLite

It would be very easy. UnQLite consists of only two files.

gcc -m32 -c unqlite.c

gcc -m32 -shared -o unqlite.o

#win (MinGW)
gcc -m32 -shared -static-libgcc -o unqlite.dll unqlite.o -Wl,--add-stdcall-alias

gcc -m32 -dynamiclib -o unqlite.dylib unqlite.o

However, I've also put pre-built binaries for common platforms, so please just download them if you have no time to compile.

  • Load PunQLite
Gofer new
      url: '';
      package: 'ConfigurationOfPunQLite';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPunQLite) load

The final target will be Pharo 3.0. But PunQLite nicely runs on Pharo 2.0, too.


"Simple store/load round-trip"
Time millisecondsToRun:[
db := PqDatabase open: 'bench.db'.
val := '0'.
1 to: 100000 do: [:idx | | key | 
	key := idx asString.
	db at: key put: val.
	val := (db at: key) asString.
db close.
]. "===> 877 msecs"

I felt it is quite fast. 100000 round-trips in 877 msecs. Please try the code by yourself.


"Like a Dictionary"
db := PqDatabase openOnMemory.
db at: 'Smalltalk' put: 'COOL'.
db at: 'Pharo' put: 'HOT'.
db at: 'Smalltalk' ifPresent: [:data |
	data asString inspect
Transcript cr; show: db keys.
db do: [:cursor |
	Transcript cr; show: cursor currentStringKey; space; show: cursor currentStringValue.		
db close.

"Using explicit transaction"
db := PqDatabase open: 'trans.db'.
db disableAutoCommit.
1 to: 100 do: [:idx | | key | 
	key := idx asString.
	db transact: [db at: key put: ('value-', key)]
db close.
"Using cursor seek"
db := PqDatabase openOnMemory.
1 to: 10 do: [:idx |
	db at: idx asString put: 'value-', idx asString.
cursor := db newCursor.
entries := OrderedCollection new.
cursor seek: '5' untilEndDo: [:cur |
	entries add: (cur currentStringKey -> cur currentStringValue)	
cursor close.
db close.
^entries "==> an OrderedCollection('5'->'value-5' '6'->'value-6' '7'->'value-7' '8'->'value-8' '9'->'value-9' '10'->'value-10')"
"Import from files"
db := PqDatabase open: 'mczCache.db'.
(FileSystem workingDirectory / 'package-cache') files do: [:each | 
	(db importAt: each basename fromFile: each pathString)
		 ifTrue: [db commitTransaction].
db keys inspect.
db close.
"Excute Jx9 scripting language"
db := PqDatabase openOnMemory.
src := '
	$var = 123;
	$str = "$var - one, two, three!";
	$tm = time();
executer := db jx9.
executer evaluate: src.
(executer extract: 'var') asInt inspect.
(executer extract: 'str') asString inspect. 
(executer extract: 'tm') asInt inspect.
executer release.
db close.
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