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Quasar Framework - Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time

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Vue Awesome Swiper
πŸ† Swiper component for @vuejs
Stars: ✭ 12,072 (-39.91%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, ssr, vue2
πŸ‰ Material Component Framework for Vue
Stars: ✭ 33,085 (+64.68%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, material-theme, vue-components, material-components
Vue Video Player
🎞 @videojs component for @vuejs
Stars: ✭ 4,026 (-79.96%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, ssr, vue2
Vuetify Swipeout
πŸ‘† A swipe out example built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuetify + Swiper.
Stars: ✭ 117 (-99.42%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, vuejs2, pwa, vue2
Vuetify Todo Pwa
βœ”οΈ A simple Todo PWA built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuex + Vuetify.
Stars: ✭ 160 (-99.2%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, vuejs2, pwa, vue2
Vue Material Kit
Vue Material Kit - Open Source Material Design UI Kit
Stars: ✭ 231 (-98.85%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material-theme, vue-components, vuejs2
Vue Particles
Vue.js component for particles backgrounds ✨
Stars: ✭ 1,220 (-93.93%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
Quasar Awesome
πŸŽ‰ A list of awesome things related to Quasar
Stars: ✭ 995 (-95.05%)
Mutual labels:  quasar-framework, material-design, material, vue2
Vue Codemirror
⌨️ @codemirror component for @vuejs
Stars: ✭ 2,115 (-89.47%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
Vue Form Json Schema
Create forms using JSON schema. Bring your components!
Stars: ✭ 253 (-98.74%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
πŸ‘ My personal website,powered by @nuxt
Stars: ✭ 39 (-99.81%)
Mutual labels:  ssr, vuejs2, server-side-rendering, vue-component
Vue Material Dashboard
Vue Material Dashboard - Open Source Material Design Admin
Stars: ✭ 403 (-97.99%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material-theme, vue-components, vuejs2
Vue Social Sharing
A renderless Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks, compatible with SSR
Stars: ✭ 1,071 (-94.67%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, ssr
Vue Quill Editor
🍑@quilljs editor component for @vuejs
Stars: ✭ 6,874 (-65.78%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
🍴 A Vue.js 2.x desktop components colletion
Stars: ✭ 88 (-99.56%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
Vue Touch Ripple
πŸ‘† Touch ripple component for @vuejs
Stars: ✭ 443 (-97.79%)
Mutual labels:  vue-components, vue-component, vuejs2, vue2
Svelte Materialify
A Material UI Design Component library for Svelte heavily inspired by vuetify.
Stars: ✭ 351 (-98.25%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, material-theme, material-components
A library to simply use Backdrop in your project (make it easy). Read more ->
Stars: ✭ 137 (-99.32%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, material-theme, material-components
Vue.js notification bell component.
Stars: ✭ 64 (-99.68%)
Mutual labels:  vuejs2, vue-components, vue2, vue-component
Material Backdrop
A simple solution for implementing Backdrop pattern for Android
Stars: ✭ 221 (-98.9%)
Mutual labels:  material-design, material, material-components

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Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time: responsive Single Page Apps, SSR Apps, PWAs, Browser extensions, Hybrid Mobile Apps and Electron Apps. If you want, all using the same codebase!

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