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react image viewer, supports rotation, scale, zoom and so on

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a modern photo / video gallery and lightbox [JS library]
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NPM version codecov

react image viewer.


Because I can`t be comfortable using viewerjs in react, so I created react-viewer to replace it.


react >= 16.8.0 | react-dom >= 16.8.0

npm install react-viewer --save


import * as React from 'react';
import Viewer from 'react-viewer';

function App() {
  const [ visible, setVisible ] = React.useState(false);

  return (
      <button onClick={() => { setVisible(true); } }>show</button>
      onClose={() => { setVisible(false); } }
      images={[{src: '', alt: ''}]}

Server Side Rendering

I'm sorry, ssr is not currently supported in 3.x, it will be fixed in 4.0.


props type default description required
visible string false Viewer visible true
onClose function - Specify a function that will be called when Visible close true
images ImageDecorator[] [] image source array true
activeIndex number 0 active image index false
zIndex number 1000 Viewer css z-index false
container HTMLElement null set parent node(inline mode) false
drag boolean true whether to drag image false
attribute boolean true whether to show image attribute false
zoomable boolean true whether to show 'zoom' button false
rotatable boolean true whether to show 'rotate' button false
scalable boolean true whether to show 'scale' button false
onMaskClick (e) => void - callback function when mask is clicked false
downloadable boolean false whether to show 'download' false
noClose boolean false to not render close button false
noNavbar boolean false to not render the navbar false
noToolbar boolean false to not render the toolbar false
noImgDetails boolean false to not render image detail (WxH) false
noFooter boolean false to not render the entire footer false
changeable boolean true wheather to show change button false
customToolbar (defaultToolbarConfigs: ToolbarConfig[]) => ToolbarConfig[] - customer toolbar false
zoomSpeed number 0.05 zoom speed false
defaultSize ViewerImageSize - default image size false
defaultImg viewerdefaultimg - if load img failed, show default img false
disableKeyboardSupport boolean false disable keyboard support false
noResetZoomAfterChange boolean false preserve zoom after image change false
noLimitInitializationSize boolean false no limit image initialization size false
defaultScale number 1 set default scale false
onChange (activeImage: ImageDecorator, index: number) => void - callback when image change false
loop boolean true whether enable image loop false
disableMouseZoom boolean false whether disable mouse zoom false
downloadInNewWindow boolean false whether to download in a new window false
className string - customized CSS class false
showTotal boolean true whether to display the total number and range false
maxScale number - maximum scaling false
minScale number 0.1 minimum scaling false


props type default description required
src string - image source true
alt string - image description false
downloadUrl string - image downlaod url false
defaultSize ViewerImageSize - image size false


props type default description required
width number - image width true
height number - image height true


props type default description required
src number - image source true
width number - image width false
height number - image height false


props type default description required
key string - tool key true
render React.ReactNode - tool render false
onClick function - callback function when action is clicked false

Keyboard support

  • Esc: Close viewer.
  • : View the previous image.
  • : View the next image.
  • : Zoom in the image.
  • : Zoom out the image.
  • Ctrl + 1: Reset the image.
  • Ctrl + ←: Rotate left the image.
  • Ctrl + →: Rotate right the image.



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