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A curated guided hyperlinks to learn all there is to know of Ngrx/Store and state management in general

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Road To Master Ngrx/Store

A curated guided hyperlinks to learn all there is to know of Ngrx/Store and state management in general

All information is currently base on Ngrx/Store v4

The links that are tagged would lead you to the exact snippet of the linked article that is relevant to the topic. Some post may not have anchors but the whole article should help you in your journey as well. Feel free to skip to the relevant topic or read all of it. The time indicators will be for the prescribed texts only.

Here we go!

What does state mean?

Why the need for a UI state management?

Concepts to understand

Why choose Ngrx/Store as your "flux capacitor"

Note: There are alternative solutions to ngrx. See the #Alternatives section

Building blocks of Ngrx/Store

Reducer and its application state

meta-programming on reducers

Ways to manage the application's state

Handling side-effects caused by change of state


Gluing and registering actions to reducers


Dev Tools

Helper Libraries

Recommended tutorials

Supporting resources


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