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ROguelike Toolkit in JavaScript. Cool dungeon-related stuff, interactive manual, documentation, tests!

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ROguelike Toolkit in JavaScript. For more info, see


There are multiple ways of including rot.js in your project.


You can get rot.js using either of these methods:


Rot.js is written in TypeScript, but its code is available in multiple formats. You can pick the one that best suits your development needs.

  1. The lib/ directory contains the code in ES2015 modules. These can be used in modern browsers directly, without any transpilation/bundling step. An example shows how to do that.

  2. For practical reasons, individual modules should be bundled to make your application more compact. You are free to use any bundler that understands ES2015 modules. If you want tu support older browsers, you should also transpile your code -- there is an example using babel and rollup that shows how to do that. This is the recommended way of using rot.js.

  3. If you do not fancy modern modules and/or transpilation, you can grab a pre-built bundle and include it in your page using traditional <script> tag. This bundle puts rot.js into a global ROT namespace and uses ES5 (supported even by older browsers). See an example of this approach.

  4. Finally, the pre-built budle also comes with a minified version that works the same, but its size has been reduced. The usage is the same as in the previous example.


Most parts of rot.js are usable from within node.js (server-side JavaScript). The Display class needs to use the "term" layout backend:

let display = new ROT.Display({width:40, height:9, layout:"term"});
display.draw(5,  4, "@");
display.draw(15, 4, "%", "#0f0");          // foreground color
display.draw(25, 4, "#", "#f00", "#009");  // and background color


The pre-bundled rot.js package can be loaded as a CommonJS module. There is an example that shows basic usage.


RogueBasin page (with links to some rot.js-based games):

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