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Ruby On Rails Application For Network Security Monitoring




Snorby is a ruby on rails web application for network security monitoring that interfaces with current popular intrusion detection systems (Snort, Suricata and Sagan). The basic fundamental concepts behind Snorby are simplicity, organization and power. The project goal is to create a free, open source and highly competitive application for network monitoring for both private and enterprise use.


  • Snort
  • Ruby >= 1.9.2, <2.x.x
  • Rails >= 3.0.0


  • Get Snorby from the download section or use the latest edge release via git.

    git clone git://

  • Move into de snorby Directory

    cd snorby

  • Install Gem Dependencies (make sure you have bundler installed: gem install bundler)

    $ bundle install

    • NOTE: If you get missing gem issues in production use bundle install --path vendor/cache

    • If your system gems are updated beyond the gemfile.lock you should use as an example bundle exec rake snorby:setup

    • If running bundle exec {app} is painful you can safely install binstubs by bundle install --binstubs

  • Install wkhtmltopdf

    pdfkit --install-wkhtmltopdf # If this fails - visit for more information

  • Run The Snorby Setup

    rake snorby:setup

    • NOTE: If you get warning such as "already initialized constant PDF", you can fix it by running these commands :
     sed -i 's/\(^.*\)\(Mime::Type.register.*application\/pdf.*$\)/\1if Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension(:pdf) != "application\/pdf"\n\1  \2\n\1end/' vendor/cache/ruby/*.*.*/bundler/gems/ezprint-*/lib/ezprint/railtie.rb
     sed -i 's/\(^.*\)\(Mime::Type.register.*application\/pdf.*$\)/\1if Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension(:pdf) != "application\/pdf"\n\1  \2\n\1end/' vendor/cache/ruby/*.*.*/gems/actionpack-*/lib/action_dispatch/http/mime_types.rb
     sed -i 's/\(^.*\)\(Mime::Type.register.*application\/pdf.*$\)/\1if Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension(:pdf) != "application\/pdf"\n\1  \2\n\1end/' vendor/cache/ruby/*.*.*/gems/railties-*/guides/source/action_controller_overview.textile
  • Edit The Snorby Configuration File


  • Edit The Snorby Mail Configurations


  • Once all options have been configured and snorby is up and running

    • Make sure you start the Snorby Worker from the Administration page.
    • Make sure that both the DailyCache and SensorCache jobs are running.
  • Default User Credentials

  • NOTE - If you do not run Snorby with passenger ( people remember to start rails in production mode.

    rails -e production

Updating Snorby

In the root Snorby directory type the following command:

`git pull origin master`

Once the pull has competed successfully run the Snorby update rake task:

`rake snorby:update`

Helpful Commands

You can open the rails console at anytime and interact with the Snorby environment. Below are a few helpful commands that may be useful:

  • Open the rails console by typing rails c in the Snorby root directory
  • You should never really need to run the below commands. They are all available within the Snorby interface but documented here just in case.

Snorby Worker

Snorby::Worker.stop      # Stop The Snorby Worker
Snorby::Worker.start     # Start The Snorby Worker
Snorby::Worker.restart   # Restart The Snorby Worker

Snorby Cache Jobs

# This will manually run the sensor cache job - pass true or false for verbose output`

# This will manually run the daily cache job - once again passing true or false for verbose output

# Clear All Snorby Cache - You must pass true to this method call for confirmation.

# If the Snorby worker is running this will start the cache jobs and set the run_at time for the current time.


Please refer to the LICENSE file found in the root of the snorby project.

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