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StreamLine - Streaming Analytics

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Data Accelerator
Data Accelerator for Apache Spark simplifies onboarding to Streaming of Big Data. It offers a rich, easy to use experience to help with creation, editing and management of Spark jobs on Azure HDInsights or Databricks while enabling the full power of the Spark engine.
Stars: ✭ 247 (+63.58%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, kafka-streams, spark-streaming, streaming
Real Time Analytics and Data Pipelines based on Spark Streaming
Stars: ✭ 513 (+239.74%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, spark-streaming, streaming, real-time
Azure Event Hubs Spark
Enabling Continuous Data Processing with Apache Spark and Azure Event Hubs
Stars: ✭ 140 (-7.28%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, spark-streaming, streaming, real-time
Schema Registry
Stars: ✭ 184 (+21.85%)
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Bigdata Notebook
Stars: ✭ 100 (-33.77%)
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Streaming Readings
Streaming System 相关的论文读物
Stars: ✭ 554 (+266.89%)
Mutual labels:  flink, spark-streaming, storm, streaming
An umbrella project for multiple implementations of model serving
Stars: ✭ 47 (-68.87%)
Mutual labels:  spark-streaming, flink, kafka-streams
Flink Learning
flink learning blog. 含 Flink 入门、概念、原理、实战、性能调优、源码解析等内容。涉及 Flink Connector、Metrics、Library、DataStream API、Table API & SQL 等内容的学习案例,还有 Flink 落地应用的大型项目案例(PVUV、日志存储、百亿数据实时去重、监控告警)分享。欢迎大家支持我的专栏《大数据实时计算引擎 Flink 实战与性能优化》
Stars: ✭ 11,378 (+7435.1%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, flink, streaming
This repository contains the code base for the Open Stream Processing Benchmark.
Stars: ✭ 37 (-75.5%)
Mutual labels:  spark-streaming, flink, kafka-streams
A real-time data replication platform that "unbundles" the receiving, transforming, and transport of data streams.
Stars: ✭ 68 (-54.97%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, streaming, real-time
Java Kafka Client
OpenTracing Instrumentation for Apache Kafka Client
Stars: ✭ 101 (-33.11%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, kafka-streams
flink-sql 在 flink 上运行 sql 和 构建数据流的平台 基于 apache flink 1.10.0
Stars: ✭ 100 (-33.77%)
Mutual labels:  flink, streaming
A REPL for Apache Kafka
Stars: ✭ 103 (-31.79%)
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Seldon Server
Machine Learning Platform and Recommendation Engine built on Kubernetes
Stars: ✭ 1,435 (+850.33%)
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Spring Boot 2.x Examples
Spring Boot 2.x code examples
Stars: ✭ 104 (-31.13%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, storm
Dumps state of Storm Kafka consumers
Stars: ✭ 99 (-34.44%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, storm
Bigdata Notes
大数据入门指南 ⭐
Stars: ✭ 10,991 (+7178.81%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, storm
Production Ready Data Integration Product, documentation:
Stars: ✭ 1,856 (+1129.14%)
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Awesome Kafka
A collection of kafka-resources
Stars: ✭ 116 (-23.18%)
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A Kafka Story
Kafka ecosystem ... but step by step!
Stars: ✭ 148 (-1.99%)
Mutual labels:  kafka, kafka-streams

Streaming Analytics Manager

Develop and deploy Streaming Analytics applications visually with bindings for streaming engine and multiple source/sinks, rich set of streaming operators and operational lifecycle management. Streaming Analytics Manager makes it easy to develop, monitor streaming applications and also provides analytics of data thats being processed by streaming application.

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