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Licence: mit
SVPinView is a light-weight customisable library used for accepting pin numbers or one-time passwords.

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SVPinView is a light-weight customisable library used for accepting pin numbers or one-time passwords.

Swift 5.1 CocoaPods Compatible Carthage compatible Platforms iOS License MIT


Getting Started

An example project is included for demonstrating the functionality of SVPinView.



Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SVPinView', '~> 1.0'

Then run the following in the same directory as your Podfile:

pod install


github xornorik/SVPinView
  • Create a Cartfile file at the root of your project folder
  • Add github xornorik/SVPinView to your Cartfile
  • Run carthage update
  • Drag and drop SVPinView.framework from /Carthage/Build/iOS/ to Linked frameworks and libraries in Xcode (Project>Target>General>Linked frameworks and libraries)
  • Add new run script (Project>Target>Build Phases>+> New run script phase) /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks
  • Add Input files $(SRCROOT)/Carthage/Build/iOS/SVPinView.framework


Clone the repo and drag files from SVPinView/Source folder into your Xcode project.





pinView.pinLength = 5
pinView.secureCharacter = "\u{25CF}"
pinView.interSpace = 5
pinView.textColor =
pinView.shouldSecureText = true = .box

pinView.borderLineColor =
pinView.activeBorderLineColor = UIColor.lightGray
pinView.borderLineThickness = 1
pinView.activeBorderLineThickness = 3

pinView.font = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 15)
pinView.keyboardType = .phonePad
pinView.keyboardAppearance = .default
pinView.pinIinputAccessoryView = UIView()
pinView.placeholder = "******"
pinView.becomeFirstResponderAtIndex = 0

The becomeFirstResponderAtIndex property sets the pinField at the specified index as the first responder. The isContentTypeOneTimeCode property sets the contentType of the first pinField to .oneTimeCode to leverage the iOS 12 feature where the passcode is directly fetched from the messages.


enum SVPinViewStyle : Int {
    case none = 0
    case underline
    case box

There are two inbuilt styes; underline & box. However, the fieldBackgroundColor & fieldCornerRadius properties along with activeFieldBackgroundColor & activeCornerRadius properties can be used to create custom styles. = .none
pinView.fieldBackgroundColor = UIColor.white
pinView.fieldCornerRadius = 0

Delete Button Actions

SVPinView offers three different behaviours for when the delete button is tapped. This can be set using the deleteButtonAction property on the pinView with the following values -

  • .deleteCurrentAndMoveToPrevious: This is the default option set with pinView. It deletes the contents of the current field and moves the cursor to the previous field. Once on the previous field, if an entry is made, it overwrites the existing value and moves to the next field.

  • .deleteCurrent: This deletes the contents of the current field without moving the cursor. If there is no value in the field when the delete button is tapped, it moves the cursor to the previous field. deleteCurrent

  • .moveToPreviousAndDelete: This deletes the contents of the current field when it is focused. When the delete button is tapped, it moves the cursor to the previous field and deletes it's contents. movetopreviousAndDelete


  • getPin: Returns the entered pin as a String. If the method is called when the pin entry is incomplete, it returns an empty String for validation.
  • pastePin: Takes a String as an argument and enters it into the pinView. Useful for showing default values or for pasting from clipboard. Long-press on the pin field will also allow pasting from the clipboard.
  • clearPin: Clears the entered pin and also refreshes the view. Returns a completion handler for when the view is refreshed.
  • refreshView: Clears the entered pin and refreshes the view. Returns a completion handler for when the view is refreshed.


  • didFinishCallback: Gets executed after the entire pin has been entered. This is useful when a network call has to be made or for navigating to a different ViewController after the pin has been entered.
  • didChangeCallback: Gets executed when any of the pinFields have been changed. This gives additional control to the parent VC - Eg: if a submit button has to be enabled/disabled based on the pin validation.
pinView.didFinishCallback = { [weak self] pin in
    print("The pin entered is \(pin)")
pinView.didChangeCallback = { [weak self] pin in
    submitButton.isEnabled = isValid(pin)


  • iOS 9.0 +
  • Xcode 8.0 +


SVPinView is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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