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Licence: gpl-3.0
Telegraph X is Android client for minimalist publishing tool (made by Telegram team) that allows you to create and manage publications

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Telegraph X

Telegraph X is Android client for minimalist publishing tool (made by Telegram team) that allows you to create and manage publications. More information about can be found here.

Install on Google Play

Main features

  • create / edit / delete publications

  • auth and sync using telegram bot

  • rich building blocks like text, quote, heading, ordered/numbered list, image and etc.

  • drafts with changes autosaving

  • multiple accounts support

  • publication views stats

  • night mode


Welcome to contribution if you are developer and you want improve app / add a new feature or if you are student and you want to get a development experience.

Information for contributors

Join the telegram channel and you’ll be aware of news, updates, changes and new features.

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