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Tinder clone - React Native.

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Tinder Clone - React Native

Tinder Clone - React Native

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⚠️ This repository is not maintain anymore. I've made another repository of this project on Expo (and with Typescript) :

👏 Thank you for your stars, your issues and your pull requests. I really love open source community. ❤️

Perfect to start an Tinder Clone app. 4 screens are availables : Explore, Matches, Messages and Profile. You'll find some components like Card Component to pass props and variant. No frameworks UI like Bootstrap or Material UI are used.

More features will be added to the project in the future.

This project was inspired by this amazing Kishore's work on Dribbble. Feel free to follow this guy because he does great stuff.


Capture 1 Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture 4

Installation and usage

Be sure, you have installed all dependencies and applications to run React Native project on your computer : Getting Started with React Native.

This project works fine for iOS but in Android version there are serious UI problems because I've only worked on iOS.

Running the project

Clone this repository :

git clone
cd tinder-react-native

Install packages :

npm install

When installation is complete, run with version of your choice :

react-native run-ios
# or
react-native run-android



Name Type Required Description Example
image string Yes Picture of member. image="https://..."
name string Yes Name of member. name="John Doe"
description string Yes Description of member. description="Full-time Traveller. Globe Trotter."
matches string Yes Match percentage. matches="95"
actions boolean No Display actions buttons (Like, Dislike, ...). actions
onPressLeft function No Swipe card to left. onPressLeft={() => this.swiper.swipeLeft()}
onPressRight function No Swipe card to right. onPressRight={() => this.swiper.swipeRight()}
status string No Display online or offline badge (Online and Offline). status="Online"
variant boolean No Display another style of card (used for Matches screen). variant


Name Type Required Description Example
image string Yes Picture of member. image="https://..."
name string Yes Name of member. name="John Doe"
lastMessage string Yes Last message of member. lastMessage="You want order in Gotham. Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in."


Name Type Required Description Example
name string Yes Name of member. name="John Doe"
matches string Yes Match percentage. matches="95"
age string No Age of member. age="25"
location string No Location of member. location="Paris, France"
info1 string No More information of member. info1="Straight, Single"
info2 string No More information of member. info2="Tea Totaller & Loves Photography"
info3 string No More information of member. info3="Beaches, Mountain & Coffee"
info4 string No More information of member. info4="Last seen: 23h ago"

Star, Fork, Clone & Contribute

Feel free to contribute on this repository. If my work helps you, please give me back with a star. This means a lot to me and keeps me going!


Stephen Phillips
Stephen Phillips

Anand Vasudevan
Anand Vasudevan

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