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Implementation of Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter (MSCKF) for Vision-aided Inertial Navigation. This is my master's thesis.

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Lately, I was getting quite a lot of emails from people trying to run Tonav without much success. I acknowledge that it might be very difficult to make it run well (or at all). For that reason, I decided to make a big step forward and actually re-implement the whole thing. Increasing the accuracy and robustness. I call it Tonav-NG.

The source code of it is not public yet. I will share it as soon as it is stable enough. But even now, it works really well.

If you want to stay in touch, you can leave me your contact and I'll let you know.

Keep in touch!

In the meanwhile, you can read some blog posts covering it

I genuinely like to hear from people. What they want to use Tonav for (or any other odometries or SLAMs) and what are their troubles on the way. If you are interested in cooperation, have an idea for possible business application of it, or even if you just want to network, I'd love to hear from you at [email protected]

Looking for source code of the original Tonav? They are still in the master branch of this repo.

Tonav: Running on iPhone Tonav-NG running

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