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Licence: agpl-3.0
🔑 Second factor TOTP (RFC 6238) provider for Nextcloud

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A Web app to manage your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) accounts and generate their security codes
Stars: ✭ 664 (+227.09%)
Mutual labels:  otp, two-factor, totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
🔑 A small library for generating TOTP and HOTP one-time passwords on iOS.
Stars: ✭ 243 (+19.7%)
Mutual labels:  otp, 2fa, totp, two-factor-authentication
A small and easy-to-use one-time password generator library for Java according to RFC 4226 (HOTP) and RFC 6238 (TOTP).
Stars: ✭ 107 (-47.29%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps
Stars: ✭ 11,094 (+5365.02%)
Mutual labels:  2fa, totp, two-factor-authentication, two-factor
A .NET implementation of TOTP and HOTP for things like two-factor authentication codes.
Stars: ✭ 424 (+108.87%)
Mutual labels:  otp, 2fa, totp, two-factor-authentication
One Time Password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Node.js, Deno and browsers.
Stars: ✭ 135 (-33.5%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication, two-factor
CrOTP - One Time Passwords for Crystal
Stars: ✭ 62 (-69.46%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
apache 2fa
Apache two-factor (2FA) authentication with Google Authenticator based on Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) or HMAC-based one-time password (HOTP) Algorithms.
Stars: ✭ 63 (-68.97%)
Mutual labels:  two-factor, totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
🔐 multi factor authentication system (2FA, MFA, OTP Server)
Stars: ✭ 1,027 (+405.91%)
Mutual labels:  otp, 2fa, two-factor-authentication, two-factor
Time-Based One-Time Password Code Generator
Stars: ✭ 76 (-62.56%)
Mutual labels:  two-factor, totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
🔑 One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator
Stars: ✭ 916 (+351.23%)
Mutual labels:  otp, 2fa, two-factor-authentication, two-factor
React Native wrapper for Android's SMS User Consent API, ready to use in React Native apps with minimum effort.
Stars: ✭ 45 (-77.83%)
Mutual labels:  otp, two-factor, 2fa
extract otp secret keys
Extract two-factor authentication (2FA, TFA) secret keys from export QR codes of "Google Authenticator" app
Stars: ✭ 217 (+6.9%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, 2fa
Generating 2FA codes in your terminal
Stars: ✭ 23 (-88.67%)
Mutual labels:  two-factor, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
Open source two-factor authentication for Android
Stars: ✭ 3,326 (+1538.42%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication
HMAC-based (HOTP) and Time-based (TOTP) One-Time Password manager. Works with Google Authenticator for Two-Factor Authentication.
Stars: ✭ 79 (-61.08%)
Mutual labels:  otp, totp, two-factor-authentication
Java Otp
A one-time password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Java
Stars: ✭ 265 (+30.54%)
Mutual labels:  2fa, totp, two-factor-authentication
A TouchID-aware 2-factor authenticator for macOS
Stars: ✭ 105 (-48.28%)
Mutual labels:  2fa, totp, two-factor-authentication
Two Factor Authentication Crystal code implementing the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm
Stars: ✭ 24 (-88.18%)
Mutual labels:  totp, two-factor-authentication, 2fa
Two Factor Auth
Generate 2FA tokens compatible with Google Authenticator
Stars: ✭ 352 (+73.4%)
Mutual labels:  2fa, two-factor-authentication, two-factor

Two Factor Totp

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Enabling TOTP 2FA for your account

Login with external apps

Once you enable OTP with Two Factor Totp, your aplications (for example your Android app or your GNOME app) will need to login using device passwords. To manage it, know more here

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