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Licence: mit
A Vue Integrated PhotoSwipe Image Preview Plugin

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Vue preview plugin

一 A Vue Integrated PhotoSwipe Image Preview Plugin




Live Demo >>


npm i vue-preview -S



  • This plugin currently support vue2.5 and above

Install plugin

import VuePreview from 'vue-preview'

// defalut install

// with parameters install
Vue.use(preview, {
  mainClass: 'pswp--minimal--dark',
  barsSize: {top: 0, bottom: 0},
  captionEl: false,
  fullscreenEl: false,
  shareEl: false,
  bgOpacity: 0.85,
  tapToClose: true,
  tapToToggleControls: false


  <vue-preview :slides="slide1" @close="handleClose"></vue-preview>

export default {
    data () {
      return {
        slide1: [
            src: '',
            msrc: '',
            alt: 'picture1',
            title: 'Image Caption 1',
            w: 600,
            h: 400
            src: '',
            msrc: '',
            alt: 'picture2',
            title: 'Image Caption 2',
            w: 1200,
            h: 900
    methods: {
      handleClose () {
        console.log('close event')


slide item options
Property Description
src main (large) image
msrc small image
alt image replacement text
w image width
h image height


Event name Description parameter
close close gallery nothing


MIT Copyright (c) 2018 liusong

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