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Yii 2: The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

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Projects that are alternatives of or similar to Yii2

Yii2 Smarty
Yii 2 Smarty Extension.
Stars: ✭ 67 (-99.52%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii
Yii2 Sphinx
Yii 2 Sphinx extension.
Stars: ✭ 172 (-98.76%)
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Yii2 Openapi
REST API application generator for Yii2, openapi 3.0 YAML -> Yii2
Stars: ✭ 99 (-99.29%)
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Yii2 Redis
Yii 2 Redis extension.
Stars: ✭ 416 (-97%)
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Yii2 Gii
Yii 2 Gii Extension
Stars: ✭ 183 (-98.68%)
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Yii2 App Basic
Yii 2.0 Basic Application Template
Stars: ✭ 548 (-96.04%)
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Yii2 App Advanced
Yii 2.0 Advanced Application Template
Stars: ✭ 1,569 (-88.67%)
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Yii2 Docker
Official Docker images suitable for Yii 2.0
Stars: ✭ 286 (-97.94%)
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Yii2 Debug
Debug Extension for Yii 2
Stars: ✭ 179 (-98.71%)
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Yii2 Shell
Interactive shell
Stars: ✭ 129 (-99.07%)
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Yii2 Httpclient
Yii 2 HTTP client
Stars: ✭ 406 (-97.07%)
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Yii2 Bootstrap
Yii 2 Bootstrap 3 Extension
Stars: ✭ 177 (-98.72%)
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Yii2 Elasticsearch
Yii 2 Elasticsearch extension
Stars: ✭ 401 (-97.11%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii
The Symfony PHP framework
Stars: ✭ 26,220 (+89.29%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, framework, php-framework
Yii2 Mongodb
Yii 2 MongoDB extension
Stars: ✭ 299 (-97.84%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii
Yii2 Swiftmailer
Yii 2 swiftmailer extension.
Stars: ✭ 109 (-99.21%)
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Yii2 Apidoc
Yii 2 apidoc extension.
Stars: ✭ 236 (-98.3%)
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Yii2 Imagine
Yii 2 imagine extension
Stars: ✭ 271 (-98.04%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii
Yii2 Jui
Yii 2 JQuery UI extension.
Stars: ✭ 120 (-99.13%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii
Yii2 Twig
Yii 2 Twig extension.
Stars: ✭ 130 (-99.06%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, yii2, yii

Yii Framework

Yii 2 is a modern framework designed to be a solid foundation for your PHP application.

It is fast, secure and efficient and works right out of the box pre-configured with reasonable defaults. The framework is easy to adjust to meet your needs, because Yii has been designed to be flexible.

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  • The minimum required PHP version of Yii is PHP 5.4.
  • It works best with PHP 7.
  • Follow the Definitive Guide in order to get step by step instructions.




The framework is Open Source powered by an excellent community.

You may join us and:

Reporting Security issues

Please refer to a special page at the website describing proper workflow for security issue reports.

Directory Structure

build/               internally used build tools
docs/                documentation
framework/           core framework code
tests/               tests of the core framework code

Spreading the Word

Acknowledging or citing Yii 2 is as important as direct contributions.

In presentations

If you are giving a presentation or talk featuring work that makes use of Yii 2 and would like to acknowledge it, we suggest using our logo on your title slide.

In projects

If you are using Yii 2 as part of an OpenSource project, a way to acknowledge it is to use a special badge in your README:


If your code is hosted at GitHub, you can place the following in your file to get the badge:



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