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Licence: bsd-2-clause
Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB interfaces.

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== YubiKey Manager Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB interfaces.


=== Features This application provides an easy way to perform the most common configuration tasks on a YubiKey.

The current version can:

  • Display the serial number and firmware version of a YubiKey
  • Configure a FIDO2 PIN
  • Reset the FIDO Applications
  • Configure the OTP Application. A YubiKey have two slots (Short Touch and Long Touch), which may both be configured for different functionality. This tool can configure a[Yubico OTP] credential, a static password, a challenge-response credential or an[OATH] HOTP credential in both of these slots.
  • Manage certificates and PINs for the PIV Application
  • Swap the credentials between two configured slots
  • Enable and disable USB and NFC interfaces

=== Installation

==== Windows and macOS Installers are available[here].

==== Linux

In addition to the application itself, you may also need to manually install and start the pcscd service for CCID support.

===== AppImage AppImage is available[here].

==== Source To install from source, see the link:doc/development.adoc[development] instructions.

=== Command line version This project also bundles the[command line version].

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