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fast-rectangles (zz85)
Different and fast approaches to rendering rectangles in your browser
pyeq3 (zunzun)
A large collection of equations for Python 3 curve fitting and surface fitting that can output source code in several computing languages, and run a genetic algorithm for initial parameter estimation. Comes with cluster, parallel, IPython, GUI, NodeJS, and web-based graphical examples. Includes orthogonal distance and relative error regressions.
vscode-graphiql-explorer (zth)
Use GraphiQL + GraphiQL Explorer to build your GraphQL operations, right from inside of VSCode.
inventorious (zmitzie)
An inventory management and tracking system built with Ruby on Rails 5
zio-nio (zio)
A small, unopinionated ZIO interface to NIO.
✭ 177
tomcat-zabbix-template (zhujinhe)
tomcat-zabbix-template with macros
✭ 12
kuc (zholos)
vector programming language
✭ 48
docker-dns (zanaca)
DNS server for your docker containers. Allowing you to access them with a domain name, without exposing ANY port. Allowing access from you linux, mac or windows browser!
yichahucha (yxgsir)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 104
DTR (yxgong0)
A network for irregular text recognition.
✭ 27
crystal-template (youngjay)
No description, website, or topics provided.
SpringBootDruidMultiDB (yosaku01)
✭ 55
qtqrencode (yoneal)
Qt 5 wrapper and renderer for the qrencode library.
✭ 33
meshwalk (yomotsu)
for your TPS game development with three.js.
typescript-book-jp (yohamta)
TypeScript DeepDive 日本語版
✭ 287
midea-air-condition (yitsushi)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 38
slpa-py (YipingNUS)
Speaker-listener Label Propagation Algorithm Implemented in Python
✭ 13
gem (yilundu)
[NeurIPS 2021] Code for Learning Signal-Agnostic Manifolds of Neural Fields
✭ 61
FirstAid (yidarvin)
A repository for easy segmentation using a convolutional neural network structure.
✭ 24
GeoJSON_data (yhdjyyzk)
✭ 47
parcelgen (Yelp)
Helpful tool to make data objects easier for Android
✭ 66
qiniu-file-for-typecho (yb)
将 Typecho 的附件保存至七牛云存储
✭ 40
yandex-ads-sdk-android (yandexmobile)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 53
volley-request-manager (yakivmospan)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 21
vip-go-site (xwp)
🧰 Project template for VIP Go hosted websites with local development environment
website-app (xujiyou)
No description, website, or topics provided.
radiowave (xmppjs)
Radiowave is a Jabber/XMPP server written in Javascript
✭ 35
nsplayer (xinpianchang)
A web player with shakaplayer & hls.js both supported
kuakua_corpus (xiaopangxia)
✭ 70
cv-template (x-fer)
[hr] Predlozak inzenjerskog zivotopisa
✭ 50
minimalcluster-py (XD-DENG)
A Minimal Cluster Computing Framework in plain Python
✭ 16
12306CaptchaCrack (wudinaonao)
✭ 26
gincu (wqking)
Gincu -- a simple match three game, game engine, and game framework written in C++
DeepLearning_MIMO-NOMA (wjddn279)
Realization of MIMO-NOMA signal detection system based on **C. Lin et al., “A deep learning approach for MIMO-NOMA downlink signal detection,” MDPI Sensors, vol. 19, no. 11, pp. 2526, 2019.
WKTextView (wireload)
A Cappuccino control providing a rich text editing view through a browser driven content editable field. Formerly named WyzihatKit.
deal_scraper (WillNye)
Find local deals at Walmart and Target
cnn-for-image-retrieval (willard-yuan)
🌅The code of post "Image retrieval using MatconvNet and pre-trained imageNet"
django-mercadopago (WhyNotHugo)
⚠️ Deprecated. Use instead.
SRLCD (wh200720041)
fast loop closure detection (online visual place recognition) via saliency re-identification IROS 2020
android-kotlin-coroutines (wellingtoncosta)
A simple Android project using asynchronous programming with Kotlin Coroutines.
pyvesync (webdjoe)
pyvesync is a python library to manage Etekcity & Levoit smart devices
Vue (weareopensource)
💻 Vue - Boilerplate Front : Vue 3, Vuex, Vuetify 3, JWT, Jest (Beta)
NumberKeyboard (wangshaolei)
For example meituan's mechant NumberKeyboard
✭ 47
v8-inspector-api (wallet77)
A simple node module to access V8 inspector + some tools to export and read the data.
snorlax (wallacode)
Snorlax is lightweight standalone lazy loading library - lazy loading as it meant to be.
stream-learn (w4k2)
The stream-learn is an open-source Python library for difficult data stream analysis.
Discord.js-MongoDB-bot (Vu4ll)
Discord.js botları için Mongoose veritabanı (database) kullanım örnekleri.
wii-drone (voodootikigod)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 13
runtimes (vmware-archive)
Kubeless function runtimes:
salary-negotiation-tech (vlvagerviwager)
Articles and posts on salary negotiation for devs/nerds/software engineers/tech people.
crystalworld (vladfaust)
RealWorld back-end API implementation 👍
openvpn (vkuajing)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 35
nocolor (VKCOM)
Validate the architecture of your PHP project based on the concept of function colors
DeepPS (VITA-Group)
[ECCV 2020] "Deep Plastic Surgery: Robust and Controllable Image Editing with Human-Drawn Sketches"
idris-se (vindaloo-thesis)
Idris to Serpent back end for Ethereum smart contracts
✭ 31
lambda-calculus (VictorTaelin)
A simple, clean and fast implementation of the λ-calculus on JavaScript.
✭ 44
crawlBaiduWenku (vict-cn)
nebula-graph (vesoft-inc)
A distributed, fast open-source graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability. This is an archived repo for v2.5 only, from 2.6.0 +, NebulaGraph switched back to
contracts (ventacommerce)
Venta eCommerce Contracts package
✭ 46
PhlongTaIam (veer66)
PHP Thai word breaker
✭ 33
sdcc-examples-stm8 (vdudouyt)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 53
vatspy-data-project (vatsimnetwork)
A home for VATSPY Data updates.
✭ 72
varbase-project (Vardot)
Project template for Varbase distribution
✭ 45
caffemodel2json (vadimkantorov)
A small tool to dump Caffe's *.caffemodel to JSON for inspection
cowsay-python (VaasuDevanS)
The famous cowsay 🐮 for GNU/Linux is now available for python
rustfs (utsaslab)
A Rust user-space file system [WIP]
FunnyRabbit (ustbhuangyi)
✭ 42
openwrt-r6220 (updateing)
OpenWrt on Netgear R6220 (deprecated, see
collective (unifiedjs)
How the unified collective is governed
simplesamlphp-dockerized (Unicon)
A SimpleSAMLphp (ssp) base-image
CppND-Garbage-Collector (udacity)
Project starter code for the Garbage Collector project.
✭ 27
BlynkSprinklerRelay (tzapu)
Mobile Device Controlled WiFi Relay on the cheap with ESP8266 and Blynk
✭ 25
notify-changed.vim (tyru)
Notify buffer changed lines using OS notification system (supported: macOS/Windows/WSL/Linux, Vim 8.1+/Neovim 0.5+)
wtfc (typekpb)
WaiT For the Command (wtfc)
mt-blog (txs1992)
基于 vuepress 搭建的静态博客
✭ 27
Markdown (twostraws)
A small and fast Markdown parser library for Swift.
✭ 41
chicago (tvolkert)
The Chicago widget set for Flutter
✭ 398
MTextField (TutorialsAndroid)
A new Material Design text field that comes in a box, based on [Google Material Design guidelines]
vscode-language-japanese-novel (ttrace)
Visual Studio Code で小説を執筆する時に使う言語拡張です。
shr (troydhanson)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 25
iSamsungTV (Tristan79)
SamsungTV Interface Series C, D, E and F (Command Line)
✭ 28
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