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canvas-captcha (zxdong262)
A simple captcha module for nodejs based on node-canvas
meanderpy (zsylvester)
Simple model of meander migration
awesome-image-captioning (zhjohnchan)
A curated list of image captioning and related area resources. :-)
✭ 931
fe-dev-server (zhex)
FE Dev Server target to help frontend web developers create view template, styles and js easily.
ZFFramework (ZFFramework)
cross-platform C++ application framework, do 80% work at 20% cost
ansible-supervisord (zenoamaro)
An Ansible role for deploying and configuring Supervisor on unix hosts.
paradise-city (ZenGo-X)
Rust implementation of Zcash multi-signautres
✭ 14
Zapier-for-Alfred (zapier)
An Alfred workflow to trigger Zaps
✭ 118
upvmap (yuehuTi)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 20
Android_Framework_Source (yuchuangu85)
Android pie framework 源码详细注释版
✭ 155
kit (ysmood)
A collection of often-used IO related methods
✭ 45
yookassa-sdk-python (yoomoney)
Python SDK for YooKassa Payments API
ScrambleText (yomotsu)
Free version of Greensock's Scramble Text like text shuffle effect
✭ 21
Yc_ui_fragment_qzone (YeXiaoChao)
✭ 60
OfficeToolPlus (YerongL)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 134
rbac (YaroslavMolchan)
Simple RBAC/ACL for Laravel 8 caching and permission groups.
springbootdemo (yanpgeng)
springboot2.0+springcloud+eureka+fegin demo
MqttIrext (yaming116)
potato (Yam-cn)
Potato, a Pythonic Algorithmic Trading Framework
Forensic_GET (yadox666)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 23
go-iconv (xushiwei)
libiconv for go - Convert string to requested character encoding
✭ 55
VuePagesAction (xRealNeon)
This Action will Build your Vue Project and deploy it to Github Pages
Android-JavaMailSenderUtil (xPret)
Tiny Android app to send emails using JavaMail library
✭ 17
java (XLSForm)
Website for the XLSForm spec
Awesome-Incremental-Learning (xialeiliu)
Awesome Incremental Learning
✭ 2,712
imgbed (Xhofe)
everycodershouldknow (xfenglu)
✭ 522
scala-min (xerial)
A minimal project template to start programming with Scala
✭ 13
SceneNavi (xdanieldzd)
Level editor for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) - UNMAINTAINED
✭ 70
kafka--summary (wyzssw)
✭ 34
PScaleLoading (wxp2012)
nanodet_tensorrt_int8 (Wulingtian)
nanodet int8 量化,实测推理2ms一帧!
mactype-hack (wspl)
🎩 Solutions for applying MacType to not supported programs/os.
✭ 312
server-command (wp-cli)
Launches PHP's built-in web server for a specific WordPress installation.
client-cli (WP-API)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 64
portal (workarounds)
Android library that makes it easy to create floating UI elements
✭ 15
SZZUnleashed (wogscpar)
An implementation of the SZZ algorithm, i.e., an approach to identify bug-introducing commits.
lookuper (woanware)
Looks stuff up (MD5, SHA256, IP, Domains, URL's, strings e.g. mutexes)...
✭ 31
algos-simplified (wncc)
Short videos trivially explaining some mind-blowing yet intuitive algorithms
✭ 52
octomap-python (wkentaro)
Python binding of the OctoMap library.
PickTrue (winkidney)
豆瓣相册下载, A站下载器,Artstation Downloader, Pixiv Downloader, 花瓣网(图片下载器
grasshopper (wies)
An automated deductive program verifier.
overlays (whiter4bbit)
Missing gentoo ebuilds
✭ 14
emacs lisp
Wilde (wess)
NSAttributedString building class for the Orwell Framework
p5.gif (WenheLI)
P5.js gif helper
Learning2Hash (welleast)
A Survey on Learning to Hash
✭ 11
fierysdk (weiboad)
ragnar fiery php sdk
CMB2-Example-Theme (WebDevStudios)
Demonstrate how to include CMB2 as well as some cool tips and tricks
nginx_Practical_Guide (wdpress)
music_retrieve (wblgers)
A music retrieve demo in Python
✭ 33
FaceTrackDemo (wangshengyang1996)
✭ 22
mbus (wade-zh)
RAPIQUE (vztu)
[IEEE OJSP'2021] "RAPIQUE: Rapid and Accurate Video Quality Prediction of User Generated Content", Zhengzhong Tu, Xiangxu Yu, Yilin Wang, Neil Birkbeck, Balu Adsumilli, Alan C. Bovik
vim-github-dark (vv9k)
A dark GitHub theme for Vim and NeoVim
✭ 137
Vim Script
tga.js (vthibault)
Load and display TGA files with Javascript.
PgAsync (voryx)
Asynchronous Reactive Postgres Library in Pure PHP
✭ 102
redoc (volbrene)
Redoc with multiple urls -
try-racket (voila)
A web-based Racket REPL and tutorial
hackerrank-solutions (vivekshah20)
My solutions to Hackerrank problems
✭ 22
KiwiPlayer (vitormesquita)
Kiwi Player allows you go forward and go back in videos easily! 💃
axiom-profiler (viperproject)
The axiom profiler for exploring and visualizing SMT solver quantifier instantiations (made via E-matching).
django-celerybeat-status (vintasoftware)
A library that integrates with django admin and shows in a simple GUI when your periodic are going to run next.
✭ 97
jmeter-rest-data-drivern (vinsguru)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 24
Knowledge-Distillation-for-Super-resolution (Vincent-Hoo)
ICIP 2020, FAKD: Feature-Affinity Based Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
✭ 110
OSCQueryProposal (Vidvox)
Draft of a proposal for an OSC Query Protocol
✭ 100
randomFractal (victorqribeiro)
Random fractal or the secret behind my tree
RxPlaceAutoComplete (venkatselva8)
An Android Studio demo project using Retrofit & Google Places API to provide Places/ Cities with AutoCompleteTextField in Android.
✭ 32
HighDimPDE.jl (vboussange)
A Julia package that breaks down the curse of dimensionality in solving PDEs.
✭ 0
gopenapi (VanMoof)
An OpenAPI v3 utility for Go
tamil-news-classification (vanangamudi)
Classification of tamil news headlines - experimental
✭ 14
CrawlerSamples (VAllens)
This is a Puppeteer+AngleSharp crawler console app samples, used C# 7.1 coding and dotnet core build.
wemosetup (vadimkantorov)
A simple Python script to set up WeMo devices
TIL (uyu423)
Deprecated. go to
ngPAWS (Utodev)
ngPAWS interactive fiction (text adventure game) authoring system
HGamer3D (urs-of-the-backwoods)
A tool to use Haskell for game programming.
cldr-numbers-full (unicode-cldr)
Archived, see
✭ 23
SuperheroLexicon (unaisulhadi)
Simple superhero lexicon app to demonstrate Jetpack Compose.
IBMonitorService (UMN-PeopleSoft)
PeopleSoft Integration Broker Monitoring Service
✭ 23
node-multi-hashing (UlordChain)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 32
awesome-python (uhub)
A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries and software.
✭ 839
canduit (uber-archive)
Node.js Phabricator Conduit API client. This project is deprecated and not maintained.
✭ 65
hpc-toolset-tutorial (ubccr)
Tutorial for installing Open XDMoD, OnDemand, & ColdFront
Millionaire-3D (ua2004)
An attempt to create a 100% replica of a favorite TV show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" using Unity 3D
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