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Kaggle-knowhow (zzsza)
Kaggle-Knowhow(Korean Ver) 한국분들을 위한 Kaggle 자료 모음입니다
✭ 343
leetcode530 (ZzCoding530)
TurnRound (zs9024)
✭ 31
Lambda (Zoophish)
Physically based renderer written in C++
CHParallaxHeaderView (zhiquan911)
vuecli3-less-template (ZhanPhty)
QQLianLianKanCheat (ZhangFengze)
✭ 32
Deep-Relighting (zexiangxu)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 51
django-cors-middleware (zestedesavoir)
django-cors-middleware is DEPRECIATED, please use instead.
✭ 135
mxnet-slides (zackchase)
Slides from MXNet tutorials
✭ 50
nightwatch-helpers (yyx990803)
custom assertions and commands for easier nightwatch tests
✭ 53
CarParking (yxq9650)
django-user-visit (yunojuno)
Django app for recording daily user visits
✭ 51
chatroom-with-sails (yinxin630)
(deprecated. see a chatroom web application with node.js and sails framework.
✭ 20
NginxGUI (yinjiazeng)
imageBinaryDataset (yhlleo)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 49
Inverse-icon-theme (yeyushengfan258)
A colorful Design circle icon theme for linux desktops
✭ 45
pyramid_zipkin (Yelp)
Pyramid tween to add Zipkin service spans
ansible-role-hardening (yauh)
Ansible role to secure a server
✭ 16
elasticsearch-analysis-combo (yakaz)
Elasticsearch Combo Analyzer
✭ 85
self-driving-car (yajian)
tester-jest (yacut)
Tester Jest is a tester provider for the Atom Tester.
ipclient_gxnu (xuzhipengnt)
egret-utils (xmanandjessie)
✭ 28
microservice (xjantoth)
Learn Kubernetes Docker DevOps and helm charts from scratch (kubeadm) (xinitrc-dev)
✭ 72
laravel-vue-i18n (xiCO2k)
Allows to connect your `Laravel` Framework translation files with `Vue`.
Quic-Bench (Xiaojuanmao)
Android Demo for QUIC test
Stanley (xgouchet)
An Android app explorer for developers (extract the manifest and other info from any installed application)
jquery-enumerable (xaviershay)
The only fully tested and API consistent enumerable plugin for jQuery (collect, inject and friends)
✭ 41
WMZCode (wwmz)
colors (wtsang02)
A list of colors for android res/values/color.xml
✭ 52
Localization.AspNetCore.TagHelpers (WormieCorp)
Asp.Net Core Tag Helpers to use when localizing Asp.Net Core application instead of manually injecting IViewLocator
AndroidLintReporter (worker8)
Gradle Plugin to report Android Lint and Detekt result back to Github Pull Request
snippets (woodruffw)
Short (but useful) scripts and programs.
heatmap-palette (wistia)
A colorblind-friendly heatmap palette
✭ 18
rspython (windelbouwman)
Rust implementation of the python language
discord-tailwind (willianjusten)
Just a Discord clone made with TailwindCSS
ZeroShotEvent (wilburOne)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 57
service-runner (wikimedia)
Generic nodejs service supervisor
✭ 22
cpp_utils (wichtounet)
Collection of header-only utilities for C++
✭ 32
Sburb (WhatPumpkin)
A cleaned out version of the sburb project to remove all the extra cruft from openbound
backfs (wfraser)
BackFS is a FUSE filesystem designed to provide a large local disk cache for a remote network filesystem.
cursos (weltonvaz)
📚 Cursos e apostilas gratuitos online de Python
✭ 69
es6-babel-systemjs-boilerplate (weiland)
ES6 babel (formerly 6to5) & SystemJS Boilerplate
python-wechaty-getting-started (wechaty)
Python Wechaty Starter Project Template that Works Out-of-the-Box
event-target (WebReflection)
The EventTarget Class Polyfill.
OpendTect-External-Attributes (waynegm)
External Attribute scripts for the open source seismic interpretation system - OpendTect
react-hooks-lifecycle (Wavez)
⚛️ 🪝 ⏳ React hooks lifecycle diagram: Functional components lifecycle explained
hermes (wardle)
A library and microservice implementing the health and care terminology SNOMED CT with support for cross-maps, inference, fast full-text search, autocompletion, compositional grammar and the expression constraint language.
feweekly (wangshijun)
⭐ 前端周刊,让你在前端领域跟上时代的脚步,深度和广度不断精进
element-ui-el-table-draggable (WakuwakuP)
Make 'el-table' of 'element UI' sortable.
capability-urls (w3ctag)
Work on good practices for the use of capability URLs
✭ 32
winBuddy (w0lfschild)
📂 MacForge plugin to give windows some extra functionality on macOS
Learning (vviedienieiev)
No description, website, or topics provided.
EigenFace (vutsalsinghal)
A Python implementation of the famous EigenFaces algorithm for face recognition
EasyStage (VulgarGenius)
A stage profile tool for libgdx
sni-proxy (vstakhov)
Transparent non-intrusive TLS SNI proxy
✭ 27
mipyshell (vsolina)
MicroPython based imitation of a POSIX shell that supports line completion, history, basic threading (developed on ESP32 and ESP8266, probably works on other boards)
morgenjs (vrde)
this is total madness
vrchatapi-javascript (vrchatapi)
🟡 VRChat API Library for JavaScript and TypeScript
LocalizationEditor (VP-GAMES)
Localization editor plugin for Godot Engine
✭ 67
osm (vouillon)
Experiments with the OpenStreetMap database : map rendering, routing, ...
ferris-wheel-jquery-plugin (vivek3003)
A jquery plugin that adds a cool button to your web page.
python-monobank (vitalik)
Python client for Monobank API
✭ 30
AutoSpeech (VITA-Group)
[InterSpeech 2020] "AutoSpeech: Neural Architecture Search for Speaker Recognition" by Shaojin Ding*, Tianlong Chen*, Xinyu Gong, Weiwei Zha, Zhangyang Wang
Twig-CS-Fixer (VincentLanglet)
A tool to automatically fix Twig Coding Standards issues
SmoothScroll.js (victortimsit)
A simple smooth scrolling using 100% vanilla JavaScript.
pipeline-example (VeerMuchandi)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 15
arch-x86 (Vector35)
x86/x64 architecture plugin
completesql (vasudeveloper001)
Complete SQL Notes
✭ 191
epl-nextjs-app (vardhanapoorv)
No description, website, or topics provided.
flutter_connectivity_widget (Vanethos)
A widget that shows the user if the phone is connected to the internet or not
sqllex (v1a0)
The most pythonic ORM (for SQLite and PostgreSQL). Seriously, try it out!
mrz-scanner (uwolfer)
mrz-scanner is a PWA (progressive web app) for recognizing MRZ lines used on ID cards and passports
web (u-wave)
Web client for üWave, the self-hosted collaborative listening platform.
JobQueueBundle (usemarkup)
The Markup Job Queue bundle integrates with RabbitMQ (via to provide automatic scheduling of recurring console commands (i.e cron) and commands to help with deployment
✭ 17
libcody (urnathan)
Compiler/BuildSystem Interface Library
quickshare (Upstatement)
Simple way of implementing social media share buttons
unnojs (unnojs)
Simple Toolkit to Build Modern Web Application
tailwind-components (unlight)
Collection of components found on the internet
sgdstore (unixpickle)
Augmented RNN memory via live SGD
asterisk-unimrcp (unispeech)
UniMRCP modules for Asterisk
✭ 46
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