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USTC-Network-Resources (zzh1996)
✭ 182
FUNIT-pytorch (znxlwm)
Pytorch implementation of "Few-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation" (ICCV 2019)
✭ 33
BittrexArbitrageBot (zjasonshen)
Checks if it is possible to arbitrage for a specific coin/token. An example is BTC -> LTC - > ETH -> BTC. This skips the need to move coins between exchanges
✭ 26
aws-comprehend-demo (ziniman)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 15
CocosCreator-GG-Framework (zhitaocai)
Cocos Creator GG Framework 是一个让游戏快速搭建跑起来的框架,GG 意为 Go Game!
SafeTransition (zhaokunhaoa)
Solve The bug of "can't add self as subview"
knowledges (zhangCFinder)
✭ 26
ethane (zgendao)
Ethane is an alternative web3 implementation with the aim of being slim and simple.
✭ 45
Benih (zetbaitsu)
Zelory standard android apps
✭ 41
leemon (zerobias)
High perfomance big integer library for modern javascript application
RoundImageView (zcweng)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 62
bootstrap-demo (Zazzing)
jstatplot (zamblauskas)
Visualize `jstat -gc` results.
✭ 24
reconscan (zachhilbert)
A modified version of Mike Czumak's enumeration scanner
✭ 18
semi-sublime (yyx990803)
Sublime Text 3 plugin for Semi
FunctionWrappers.jl (yuyichao)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 66
goholiday (yut-kt)
Calculating (holiday, business) days support for golang (Go language).
as-safely (YuitoSato)
No description, website, or topics provided.
Adaptive (yufengm)
Pytorch Implementation of Knowing When to Look: Adaptive Attention via A Visual Sentinel for Image Captioning
MinimalIsAllYouNeed (ypeleg)
<In Development> Transformers for Keras that support sklearn's .fit .predict .
✭ 27
PyMicroChat_master (YongGGe)
✭ 58
BTtree (Ymiku)
BehaviorTree for unity
✭ 16
ecodroidlink (ykasidit)
EcoDroidLink BlueZ NAP automation/management software
✭ 42
d3-hierarchical-pie (yhnavein)
It's a d3 sample pie chart for interacting with hierarchical data in nice and easy way for user. It's great for showing categories structure.
Fast-Portrait-Segmentation (YexingWan)
The MNN base implementation of SINet for CPU realtime portrait segmentation
golang-soundcloud (yanatan16)
A SoundCloud API implementation in Go
✭ 39
sdk-ble-android (XYOracleNetwork)
A robust Bluetooth solution for Android
✭ 21
LiFePO4wered-Pi (xorbit)
Access library, command line tool and daemon for the LiFePO4wered/Pi module
LearnEnglishEveryday (xnmll)
⏰from today on,record learning English.
pebble-firmware-utils (xndcn)
Some tools used for Pebble firmware.
✭ 48
vue-taobao (xiubug)
基于 vue2 + vuex + mint-ui 构建一个单页面应用
xiangqi (xiaoyanLG)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 17
firmware_xiaomi_sagit (XiaomiFirmwareUpdaterReleases)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 25
linux-framebuffer-tools (xianjimli)
linux framebuffer tool
✭ 46
CrowdCountingCVPR18 (xialeiliu)
The rep for the Crowd Counting paper accepted by CVPR 2018
✭ 101
monsterutilities (xeruf)
Browse, stream and download Monstercat Songs
ADLab (xbufu)
Custom PowerShell module to setup an Active Directory lab environment to practice penetration testing.
BLUELAY (xakepnz)
Searches online paste sites for certain search terms which can indicate a possible data breach.
generator-gulp-angular2 (x6doooo)
Yeoman generator for Angular2 + Gulp, base on angular2-seed and generator-gulp-angular
Intriman (Wunkolo)
Intriman is a documentation generator that retargets the Intel Intrinsics Guide to other documentation formats
scim2-compliance-test-suite (wso2-incubator)
No description, website, or topics provided.
awesome-swedish-plugins (wpse)
A hand-picked bookmark collection of subjectively modern/interesting plugins for WordPress by Swedish people
✭ 12
linter-remark (wooorm)
Check markdown with remark in atom
✭ 12
wordpress-composer (wodby)
Composer template for WordPress projects.
react-native-azure-ad (wkh237)
React Native module implements Azure AD authentication flow in pure js
wget (winneryong)
java direct, single / multithread download library
✭ 20
wwcsp (whirlwind110)
✭ 29
awesome-peoplesoft (whanwells)
A curated list of PeopleSoft things.
redis-mindmap (Weiwf)
✭ 738
element-observer (WebReflection)
A MutationObserver inspired observer for Custom Elements like mutations on any DOM element.
fastparse (webpack)
A very simple and stupid parser, based on a statemachine and regular expressions.
✭ 62
strict-phpunit (webmozarts)
Enables type-safe comparisons of objects in PHPUnit.
probook-server (wasifbaliyan)
Backend for probook social media app using Nodejs, mongodb, express, jwt etc. Frontend is React, redux, material ui.
data-game-of-thrones-deaths (washingtonpost)
Every single on-screen death from Game of Thrones, including background extras and animals.
✭ 34 (wangyasai)
No description, website, or topics provided.
TankWar (wangxingyao)
小游戏坦克大战(python + pygame)
✭ 78
spring-all (Wang-Jun-Chao)
✭ 52
uni-jin (wangjinxin613)
witness (wandb)
Deep learning model for recognizing puzzle patterns in The Witness.
✭ 28
tinyclock (wakhub)
Super small 1x1 clock widget for Android
✭ 16
odoo-mobile (W360S)
Odoo mobile is an open source sponsor by W360S CORP build on react native to generate alternative androind & IO
cnn-from-scratch (vzhou842)
A Convolutional Neural Network implemented from scratch (using only numpy) in Python.
node-object-encrypter (voronianski)
Encrypt/decrypt javascript objects as base64 strings with optional TTL support
✭ 57
vhpc-toolkit (vmware)
Virtualized High Performance Computing Toolkit - A toolkit to help configure and manage virtual high performance computing (HPC) clusters by leveraging vSphere APIs
✭ 17
ML_algorithms (Vitomir84)
Basic and advanced ML algorithms with customised functions
.Net-SDK-s-samples-before-v12 (visioforge)
VisioForge .Net SDK's samples - Video Capture SDK, Video Edit SDK, Media Player SDK, Video Fingerprinting SDK
alurakut (vinixiii)
Aplicação web desenvolvida durante a Imersão React #3 da Alura
gatsby-theme-sky-lite-starter (vim-labs)
A lightweight GatsbyJS starter with Material-UI and MDX Markdown support.
✭ 13
vmctl (VictoriaMetrics)
Victoria Metrics command line tool
arch-luks-suspend (vianney)
Lock encrypted root volume on suspend in Arch Linux
✭ 42
yaarx (vesselinux)
Yet Another Toolkit for Analysis of ARX Cryptographic Algorithms
Yaitron (veer66)
Yaitron English-Thai and Thai-English dictionary
kafka (vapor)
Swift Apacha Kafka (real-time data pipelines and streaming apps)
✭ 16
clickArea (vanezkw)
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 19
SCML (Valentine-Mario)
A simple scripting markup that transpiles to javascript and html
phonegap-audio-payer (vadimf)
iOS Native Audio player for PhoneGap 3 plugin
CubbyDNN (utilForever)
Deep learning framework using C++17 in a single header file
✭ 31
fieldspring (utcompling)
A system for disambiguating toponyms (placenames) given textual context and creating visualizations of the locations referenced in a given text or corpus.
generator-init (use-init)
DEPRECATED - A Yeoman generator for INIT
works (uracreative)
The repo containing the assets for every project designed by Ura
✭ 19
admixtools (uqrmaie1)
✭ 37
internships (upframe)
🍕 Find tech related internships at startups across europe and start hustling.
chrome-cache-killer (uoziod)
Source code of Classic Cache Killer Chrome Extension
VHACD-deprecated (Unity-Technologies)
This repository has migrated to Unity-Technologies/VHACD
checkURL (UndeadSec)
Detect evil urls that uses IDN Homograph Attack.
ssj (umontreal-simul)
Stochastic Simulation in Java
✭ 90
ranking-correlation (TuftsVALT)
Data and code for the studies in "Ranking Visualizations of Correlation Using Weber's Law"
ReactDebugMixin (TrySpace)
React.js Debug mixin, for creating a nested visual representation in your developer console.
✭ 13
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