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A small library that helps you to make an amazing parallax view
✭ 227
D Language online tour ( and online editor (
✭ 89
Haskell Study Plan
An opinionated list of resources for learning Haskell
✭ 493
Web Push Book
Web Push Book
✭ 199
Wasm By Example
Wasm By Example is a website with a set of hands-on introduction examples and tutorials for WebAssembly (Wasm)
✭ 226
Cpp Quick Reference
C++ Quick Reference
✭ 144
Choo Handbook
🚂✋📖 - Learn the choo framework through a set of exercises
✭ 266
Pharo Wiki
Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment.
✭ 161
Windows 10 and (some) Linux Gaming Tweaks without myths
✭ 463
Ethereum Development With Go Book
📖 A little book on Ethereum Development with Go (golang)
✭ 754
A hands-on introduction to video technology: image, video, codec (av1, vp9, h265) and more (ffmpeg encoding).
✭ 12,184
Cehv10 Notes
📕 Both personal and public notes for EC-Council's CEHv10 312-50, because its thousands of pages/slides of boredom, and a braindump to many
✭ 170
Java Telegram Bot Tutorial
Java Telegram Bot Tutorial. Feel free to submit issue if you found a mistake.
✭ 165
Matplotlib Cn
✭ 445
Using python and scikit-learn to make stock predictions
✭ 897
Java8 Guides Tutorials
Java 8 Guides and Tutorials - A lot of awesome examples using Java 8 features like Stream, Lambda, Functional Interface, Date and Time API and much more
✭ 100
Awesome Swiftui
A collaborative list of awesome articles, talks, books, videos and code examples about SwiftUI.
✭ 878
Tutorial Git
📘 어떻게 깃을 사용하는지 빠르게 알아봅시다. (Quick learn How to use Git.)
✭ 188
🔦The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with an attractive and flat overlay.
✭ 281
Opencore Vanilla Desktop Guide
Host for files for the OpenCore Vanilla Desktop Guide
✭ 299
Node In Debugging
《Node.js 调试指南》
✭ 6,139
Introducing neural networks to predict stock prices
✭ 486
It Starts With Clojure
a Practical guide to Clojure
✭ 93
Ac2100 Openwrt Guide
Install OpenWrt on the AC2100 (black cylinder)
✭ 80
Numpy Cn
✭ 1,570
Java8 Tutorial
Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8
✭ 15,276
Tourist Guide into your React Components
✭ 2,782
Here you will find Guides mainly for Sonarr/Radarr/Bazarr and everything related to it.
✭ 207
Opencv Tutorials
Tutorials for learning OpenCV in Python from Scratch
✭ 36
My book introducing you to Elm!
✭ 270
Golang Tutorials
Go Tutorials - Let's get our hands really dirty by writing a lot of Golang code
✭ 277
React Native Onboarding Swiper
🛳 Delightful onboarding for your React-Native app
✭ 596
Short Gitlab Tutorial
Get started with Gitlab in practicable time
✭ 127
Road To Master Ngrx Store
A curated guided hyperlinks to learn all there is to know of Ngrx/Store and state management in general
✭ 15
Bitcoin Programming With Bitcoinjs
Bitcoin Programming with BitcoinJS, Bitcoin Core and LND
✭ 109
Golang For Nodejs Developers
Examples of Golang compared to Node.js for learning
✭ 2,698
Guide To Allyship
Guide to Allyship, an open source guide teaching you how to be a better ally.
✭ 144
A repository of readmes, techniques, notes and other materials about how i live code in SuperCollider. A (sorta) companion repository to co34pt_livecode
✭ 149
Machine Learning In R
Workshop (6 hours): preprocessing, cross-validation, lasso, decision trees, random forest, xgboost, superlearner ensembles
✭ 144
Bioc Refcard
Bioconductor cheat sheet
✭ 152
Cesiumjs Tutorial
CesiumJS中文基础教程 |
✭ 148
Elmo Tutorial
A short tutorial on Elmo training (Pre trained, Training on new data, Incremental training)
✭ 145
Introduction talk to D3
✭ 148
Vulkan ray tracing tutorials
✭ 144
This is the repository for my course, Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js on LinkedIn Learning and
✭ 143
✭ 155
React Faq
A collection of links to help answer your questions about React.js
✭ 1,845
Tys Zh Translation
A Chinese translation of "teach-yourself-scheme-in-fixnum-days"
✭ 148
Vue.js community and ecosystem guide, written and maintained by the community itself
✭ 143
Ultimate Java Resources
Java programming. All in one Java Resource for learning. Updated every day and up to date. All Algorithms and DS along with Development in Java. Beginner to Advanced. Join the Discord link.
✭ 143
Tutorial Utilizing Kg
Resources for Tutorial on "Utilizing Knowledge Graphs in Text-centric Information Retrieval"
✭ 148
Repository for my tutorial course: Bootstrap 4 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning and
✭ 142
Learn Javascript
Learn Plain JavaScript from Top Articles of 2017
✭ 142
Repos of my youtube tutorial where we build a Meetup app with React-Native and Node
✭ 153
Docker Swarm Tutorial
Docker Swarm 基本教學 - 從無到有 Docker-Swarm-Beginners-Guide📝
✭ 148
Laravel Scaffold
The base for developing awesome projects
✭ 142
Django Intro Zh
Django 官方文档的 intro 部分的中文翻译
✭ 141
Node Express Mongo Api
Starter project for a REST API with Node.js, Express & MongoDB 🔋
✭ 148
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