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The KIImagePager is inspired by foursquare's ImageSlideshow, the user may scroll through images loaded from the Web
Stars: ✭ 324 (-49.3%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery, preview
Responsive fullscreen image slider where the users are able to preview next/previous image when hovering over the navigation arrows.
Stars: ✭ 16 (-97.5%)
Mutual labels:  gallery, preview
V Photoswipe
Vue plugin for image preview base on PhotoSwipe
Stars: ✭ 25 (-96.09%)
Mutual labels:  image, preview
🍉 Album and Gallery for Android platform.
Stars: ✭ 2,430 (+280.28%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
React Viewer
react image viewer, supports rotation, scale, zoom and so on
Stars: ✭ 502 (-21.44%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
A simple and customizable Android full-screen image viewer with shared image transition support, "pinch to zoom" and "swipe to dismiss" gestures
Stars: ✭ 1,734 (+171.36%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
A simple and customizable Android full-screen image viewer 一个简单且可自定义的Android全屏图像浏览器
Stars: ✭ 1,889 (+195.62%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
A lightbox inspired Vue.js component.
Stars: ✭ 196 (-69.33%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Recent Images
Do you noticed the new feature of Telegram or Instagram?! They show your latest images when you try to attach or post a picture. So I developed this library the same with lots of customization. Simple way to get all images of device based on date taken, name, id and other customization
Stars: ✭ 182 (-71.52%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Swift image slideshow with circular scrolling, timer and full screen viewer
Stars: ✭ 1,612 (+152.27%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
"Image Album" — or "Photo Album" if you like that better — View( Controller) for all crazy iOS developers out there...
Stars: ✭ 199 (-68.86%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Vue Picture Input
Mobile-friendly picture file input Vue.js component with image preview, drag and drop, EXIF orientation, and more
Stars: ✭ 862 (+34.9%)
Mutual labels:  image, preview
An easy to use Image Viewer that is inspired by Facebook
Stars: ✭ 1,071 (+67.61%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Pure Javascript lightbox with mobile support. It can handle images, videos with autoplay, inline content and iframes
Stars: ✭ 702 (+9.86%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
File Upload With Preview
🖼 A simple file-upload utility that shows a preview of the uploaded image. Written in pure JavaScript. No dependencies. Works well with Bootstrap 4 or without a framework.
Stars: ✭ 352 (-44.91%)
Mutual labels:  image, preview
React Grid Carousel
React responsive carousel component w/ grid layout
Stars: ✭ 29 (-95.46%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
V Viewer
Image viewer component for vue, supports rotation, scale, zoom and so on, based on viewer.js
Stars: ✭ 1,776 (+177.93%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Stars: ✭ 2,798 (+337.87%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Ngx Gallery
Angular Gallery, Carousel and Lightbox
Stars: ✭ 417 (-34.74%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Golang pkg to quickly return a preview of a webpage (title/description/images)
Stars: ✭ 72 (-88.73%)
Mutual labels:  image, preview
Media view which subclasses UIImageView, and can display & load images, videos, GIFs, and audio and from the web, and has functionality to minimize from fullscreen, as well as show GIF previews for videos.
Stars: ✭ 79 (-87.64%)
Mutual labels:  image, preview
📷 A simple image cropping tool that provides gallery or camera help for Native Android (Java)
Stars: ✭ 176 (-72.46%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
jQuery Zoom Gallery plugin
Stars: ✭ 120 (-81.22%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Borgert Cms
Borgert is a CMS Open Source created with Laravel Framework 5.6
Stars: ✭ 298 (-53.36%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Gallery Dl
Command-line program to download image galleries and collections from several image hosting sites
Stars: ✭ 4,199 (+557.12%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
a fast BASH multiple-image downloader
Stars: ✭ 202 (-68.39%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
An initial implementation of a "showcase" view( controller) for iOS apps... Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully! (by @pittleorg) [meta: image, photo, video, document, pdf, album, gallery, showcase, gallery, iOS, iPhone, iPad, component, library, viewer]
Stars: ✭ 395 (-38.18%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
A small customizable library useful to handle an gallery image pick action built-in your app. 🌄🌠
Stars: ✭ 629 (-1.56%)
Mutual labels:  image, gallery
Swift Video Generator
Stars: ✭ 517 (-19.09%)
Mutual labels:  image
Range, pattern and substitute preview for Vim
Stars: ✭ 568 (-11.11%)
Mutual labels:  preview
🌁 Convert image to ASCII
Stars: ✭ 504 (-21.13%)
Mutual labels:  image
This is a new web-based photo management application. Run it on your home server and it will let you find the right photo from your collection on any device. Smart filtering is made possible by object recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other ML algorithms.
Stars: ✭ 592 (-7.36%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
Vue Parallax
🌌 Vue.js component for parallax image scroll effects
Stars: ✭ 569 (-10.95%)
Mutual labels:  image
Search By Image
Browser extension for reverse image search, available for Edge, Chrome and Firefox
Stars: ✭ 500 (-21.75%)
Mutual labels:  image
Direction Reveal
Direction aware content reveals via hover or tab on an element.
Stars: ✭ 499 (-21.91%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
Full featured JavaScript image & video gallery. No dependencies
Stars: ✭ 5,168 (+708.76%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
⚡️ 可编程渲染管线实现,帮助初学者学习渲染
Stars: ✭ 494 (-22.69%)
Mutual labels:  image
Generate static HTML photo / video galleries
Stars: ✭ 493 (-22.85%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
📸Image Picker for Android, Pick an image from Gallery or Capture a new image with Camera
Stars: ✭ 623 (-2.5%)
Mutual labels:  image
Html To Image
✂️ Generates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 canvas and SVG.
Stars: ✭ 595 (-6.89%)
Mutual labels:  image
🦄 Remote images, as easy as one, two, three.
Stars: ✭ 557 (-12.83%)
Mutual labels:  image
a modern photo / video gallery and lightbox [JS library]
Stars: ✭ 488 (-23.63%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
JavaScript, SCSS, Sass, Less, and Stylus helpers for rendering high-resolution image variants
Stars: ✭ 4,470 (+599.53%)
Mutual labels:  image
React Native Syan Image Picker
React-Native 多图片选择 支持裁剪 压缩
Stars: ✭ 556 (-12.99%)
Mutual labels:  image
🌉 Android image gallery with bottom scroll view
Stars: ✭ 481 (-24.73%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
An easy to use and well designed image compress library for Android, based on Android native image library. Put forward a framework for quick switch from different compress algorithm.
Stars: ✭ 476 (-25.51%)
Mutual labels:  image
Android Rich Text Editor
Android Rich Text Editor With customized spans - 富文本编辑器 - Don't miss this one :)
Stars: ✭ 587 (-8.14%)
Mutual labels:  image
Photo gallery for self-hosted personal servers
Stars: ✭ 553 (-13.46%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
Code for paper "Synthesizing the preferred inputs for neurons in neural networks via deep generator networks"
Stars: ✭ 474 (-25.82%)
Mutual labels:  image
An easy and fast library to apply gaussian blur filter on any images. 🎩
Stars: ✭ 473 (-25.98%)
Mutual labels:  image
🐒📷 Camera engine for iOS, written in Swift, above AVFoundation. 🐒
Stars: ✭ 554 (-13.3%)
Mutual labels:  image
ZMJImageEditor is a picture editing component like WeChat. It is powerful and easy to integrate, supporting rendering, text, rotation, tailoring, mapping and other functions. (ZMJImageEditor 是一个和微信一样图片编辑的组件,功能强大,极易集成,支持绘制、文字、旋转、剪裁、贴图等功能)
Stars: ✭ 470 (-26.45%)
Mutual labels:  image
A category for UIImageView with support for cornerRadius automatically
Stars: ✭ 469 (-26.6%)
Mutual labels:  image
With Oblique explore new styles of displaying images
Stars: ✭ 633 (-0.94%)
Mutual labels:  image
Ui Avatars
Stars: ✭ 603 (-5.63%)
Mutual labels:  image
Image Payload Creating/Injecting tools
Stars: ✭ 586 (-8.29%)
Mutual labels:  image
Windows desktop application to manage local video;Support baidu AI, youdao translation;Support FFMPEG video processing;Support multi-database management and statistics;Support skin switching
Stars: ✭ 545 (-14.71%)
Mutual labels:  image
RxJava extension for Android to take images using camera and gallery and pick files up
Stars: ✭ 467 (-26.92%)
Mutual labels:  gallery
Fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images
Stars: ✭ 5,688 (+790.14%)
Mutual labels:  image
Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
Stars: ✭ 23,928 (+3644.6%)
Mutual labels:  image
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