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1. Pangolin
🐾 Flutter 广告SDK-字节跳动-穿山甲 集成
✭ 233
2. Flutter screenutil
Flutter screen adaptation, font adaptation, get screen information
3. Fluwx
Flutter版微信SDK.WeChat SDK for flutter.
4. Flutter listview loadmore
flutter loadmore demos
✭ 136
5. K chart
Maybe it is the best k chart in Flutter.
6. Nautilus
7. Mmkv flutter
get or set persistent storage value based on MMKV framework.
✭ 98
8. Flutter share me
Flutter Plugin for sharing contents to social media. You can use it share to Facebook , WhatsApp , Twitter And System Share UI. Support Url and Text.
✭ 59
9. Flutter Notebook
10. Amap base flutter
【#DEPRECATED# 请使用 代替】 高德地图Flutter插件 基于AndroidView和UiKitView,可以嵌入Widget树中。
11. Tobias
AliPay For Flutter.支付宝Flutter插件
12. Pulltorefresh
Flutter相关的项目QQ:277155832 Email:2[email protected]
14. Flutter oktoast
a pure flutter toast library
16. rammus
Flutter Plugin for AliCloud Push.阿里云推送插件
17. flutter database demo
🛠 Flutter 本地数据库存储 + 状态管理
19. FlutterInAction
Flutter In Action.Flutter实践。
20. OpenFlutter
Love flutter love life.QQ群:892398530
✭ 301
21. sona
@deprecated Not maintained. Developers who need Getui push please visit official plugins
22. flutter im demo
📞 Flutter 使用 MQTT实现IM功能
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