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1. Stacki
Linux Cluster Builder - Bare Metal Red Hat & SUSE
4. Pytd
A Python Module to make it easy to script powerful interactions with Teradata Database in a DevOps friendly way.
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5. Covalent Code Editor Nightly
Nightly builds of code-editor module
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7. Covalent Text Editor Nightly
Nightly builds of text-editor module
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8. Kylo
Kylo is a data lake management software platform and framework for enabling scalable enterprise-class data lakes on big data technologies such as Teradata, Apache Spark and/or Hadoop. Kylo is licensed under Apache 2.0. Contributed by Teradata Inc.
9. covalent-nightly
Nightly builds of core module
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10. lasca
JavaScript collation table based Unicode sorting for internationalized applications
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11. tpcds
Port of TPC-DS dsdgen to Java
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12. presto
Teradata Distribution of Presto -- A Distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data
13. blue-meanie
No description, website, or topics provided.
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14. docker-images
Docker images used internally by various Teradata projects for automation, testing, etc
15. stampede
Stampede is the workflow tool for *nix that Cthulhu intended. It uses make for dependencies, bash for scripting, and cron for scheduling.
16. python-driver
Teradata SQL Driver for Python
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17. sqlalchemy-teradata
A SQLAlchemy dialect for Teradata
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