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1. Physicsexamples2d
Examples of various Unity 2D Physics components and features.
2. Xrlinerenderer
An XR-Focused line renderer that mimics rendering with 3d capsules while only using two quads worth of geometry.
✭ 247
3. Scriptablerenderpipeline
Scriptable Render Pipeline
4. Arfoundation Demos
AR Foundation demo projects
✭ 237
5. Skyboxpanoramicshader
Skybox shader for support of 360/180/cubemap video and static content
✭ 231
6. 2d Pixel Perfect
Pixel Perfect Camera
✭ 228
7. Endlessrunnersamplegame
Repository for the Endless Runner Game Sample (Trash Dash)
✭ 226
12. Marathon Envs
A set of high-dimensional continuous control environments for use with Unity ML-Agents Toolkit.
✭ 203
14. Unity Experimental Dxr
The Experimental DXR project is a Unity custom version + HDRP custom version that support DXR and will let users play with DXR features. It is not representative of future integration of DXR in Unity.
✭ 200
15. Terraintoolsamples
Unity has archived the TerrainToolSamples repository. For future development, please use the Terrain Tools package.
17. 2d Spriteshape Samples
Samples for the 2D SpriteShape feature.
✭ 192
18. Notificationssamples
Sample project for Unity Notifications
✭ 181
19. Unity.animation.samples
Repository of projects that showcase the new DOTS animation package (com.unity.animation).
✭ 179
20. 2d Gamedemo Robodash
✭ 179
21. Com.unity.cinemachine
Smart camera tools for passionate creators
✭ 177
22. Human.sample
Character sample featuring the digital human from 'The Heretic'.
✭ 171
23. Navmeshcomponents
High Level API Components for Runtime NavMesh Building
✭ 2,297
25. Smallofficeraytracing
This repository contains a startup DXR project.
✭ 167
26. Unity Ads Android
Unity Ads SDK 3.0 for Android
✭ 160
27. Missilesperfectmaster
A compute shader demo for Unite 2018 Tokyo.
✭ 152
28. Vector Graphics Samples
SVG and Vector Graphics Sample Project
✭ 151
29. Human
Library of tech features used to realize the digital human from 'The Heretic'.
✭ 150
31. Synthdet
SynthDet - An end-to-end object detection pipeline using synthetic data
33. Toolscollection
A collection of all the small tools we
✭ 144
34. Shadergraph Custom Lighting
A sample project showcasing a simple method to calculate custom lighting inside of Shader Graph for the Lightweight Render Pipeline. Includes a sample toon shaded scene and example assets. Built for Unity 2019.2 .
✭ 141
36. Meshapiexamples 2020.1
Example project for Unity 2020.1 Mesh API improvements
✭ 133
37. Vralchemylab
VR Demo project using HDRP and unity 2019.3
✭ 132
38. Buildreportinspector
Editor script which implements an inspector for the BuildReport class
✭ 129
39. Meshsyncdccplugins
DCC plugins for MeshSync in Unity. Supported tools: Maya, Maya LT, 3ds Max, Motion Builder, Modo, Blender, Metasequoia
40. Arfoundation Samples
Example content for Unity projects based on AR Foundation
41. Unityscript2csharp
Tool to convert UnityScript (a.k.a, Javascript in Unity parlance) to C#
✭ 124
42. Dots Shmup3d Sample
A demo with Unity DOTS and Unity Physics.
✭ 124
43. Uitoolkitunityroyaleruntimedemo
This is a sample project to introduce the use of UI Toolkit in Runtime
✭ 121
45. Animation Rigging Workshop Siggraph2019
Repository for SIGGRAPH 2019 Animation Rigging workshop
✭ 119
46. Boatattack
Demo Project using the Universal RP from Unity3D
✭ 1,779
47. Obstacle Tower Challenge
Starter Kit for the Unity Obstacle Tower challenge
✭ 113
48. Otto
Otto sample project for the AI Planner
49. Assetbundles Browser
Editor tool for viewing and debugging asset bundle contents before and after builds
✭ 1,590
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